The Historic German House

What made you choose The Historic German House wedding venue and St. Joseph’s Park as your ceremony space?

“We knew we wanted to get married in downtown Rochester, but couldn’t give up the idea of having an outdoor ceremony. Everyone thought for SURE we would get married in the woods or on top of a mountain, but we knew how hard that would be for our guests who were coming from all over the country. So, downtown Rochester seemed like the perfect fit! 

Once we saw St. Joseph’s with its open-air church, grey cobblestone, trees, and twinkling lights all surrounded by the city we knew we had found our spot. It gave the organic, natural feeling of an outdoor space in the middle of the city! There truly is no venue like St. Joseph’s. A historic open-air church in the middle of downtown?! Also, your payment for the venue comes with a membership to the Landmark Society of Western New York!

We loooooved the location of the German House! But above all else, we loved the colors and atmosphere that comes with the history of the space. The staff there were so incredible and we felt like we were in good hands from our initial meeting. Both of our spaces were so unique and so us.”

What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?

“Because we worked out a timeline beforehand with our photographer and because we stuck to our photography schedule so well (kudos to Casey!) we were able to spend some time during cocktail hour alone just the two of us in the private suite at the German House. We were able to drink our custom cocktails and soak in the love and joy of the day. Also, without a doubt the sunset photos!! Getting to switch into my reception dress and pop a bottle of champagne together really kicked off the night!”

What was Zack’s favorite moment from your wedding day?

“The ceremony. It was so nice to see everyone we love together in one place. I got to watch as all our loved ones filtered in one by one, some having never met but were connected by their love for us. Our vows were so special and intimate that I just felt so lucky to share that moment. Also despite everyone’s fear of rain with an outdoor wedding . . . we had good weather!!”

The Wedding Dress

“I chose my dress because it matched the organic and natural feel of St. Joseph’s AND the romantic fun feel of the German House. But, I knew I wouldn’t feel like myself if I was in a big dress all night. So, my choice of a fun elopement style wedding dress + veil for the reception was THE perfect choice for me. It made me feel like myself.”

“The sunset photos were such an amazing way for us to kick off the celebration part of the night. It got us both in the mood to party after a day where we were all deep in our feelings. We got to be alone and light-hearted and fun (hence the piggyback picture!) and it gave us a chance to both be in the moment together.”


Photographer: LaFountain Photography

Bridal Suite: The Historic German House

Ceremony Location: St. Joseph’s Park

Reception Venue: The Historic German House

Bridal Gown Shop: Heart To Heart Bridal

Bridal Gown Designer: Stella York

Bridal Reception Dress; Reformation 

DJ: Encore Events

Florist: Fern Floral

Bridesmaids Dresses: Birdy Grey