The Greenhouse Wedding

The bride on the Greenhouse Wedding:

Describe your relationship as a couple.

We grew up going to the same school and eventually started dating senior year of highschool. We did long distance for a year and then I transferred to Baylor (where Ashton was going) to pursue Nursing.

Currently we’re both nurses and we have a little puppy together (Penny!!). We have pretty laid back personalities and enjoy relaxing and exploring together.

Tell me about yourselves; what do you like to do together?

We’re both nurses, and in our free time we like to spend time together watching tv, playing video games, fishing, and spending time with our puppy both inside and outdoors! We also enjoy road trips together!

Tell me about your love story, what trials and tribulations have shaped you into who you are as a couple today?

We started dating in high school, so we’ve done long distance, then we went to the same college and that had it’s own challenges! Then we both started work and were thrown into a pandemic at the same time, which was fun.

Then we got engaged and got a puppy immediately after which was it’s own journey lol. We’ve really grown up together as individuals and as a couple over the past 6 years.

Everything we went through has helped us understand each other more and our relationship more.

Associated Vendors

Cake Designer: Hayley Cakes & Cookies
Hair Stylist: Noemi Hair and Makeup Artist
Dress Store: Unbridaled Austin
Event Venue: The Greenhouse at Driftwood
Photographer: Riley Glenn Photography