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Slim Down For the Gown

The stars of Bravo’s Toned Up give post-engagement fitness tips

Tone it Up

When Katrina Hodgson, co-founder of fitness empire Tone It Up, got engaged last year, she jumped on the opportunity to help other brides with their foray into fitness by creating the Tone It Up Wedding Series. Now she and partner Karena Dawn are spreading their fitness techniques even further, starring in a new show called Toned Up for Bravo. Here Hodgson shares tips for becoming your best self for the big day—sans bridalbodyobsession, last-minute crash diets, or forgetting meals thanks to the stress that wedding planning can spawn.

Work out in the mornings. “So much comes up later in the day!” Hodgson says. “When you wake up, walk or run away from your house for 15 minutes and run right back. No cell phone or E-mails—just you and the pavement.” She adding an additional toning workout three times a week.

Prepare your meals on Sundays. “Make it a priority with your fiancé,” she says. “Nutrients and exercise affect your mood and hormones, and taking care of your health will make wedding planning a more enjoyable experience for both you and your hubby-to-be.”

Join a community. “There are more than 250,000 women and more than 4,000 brides in the Tone It Up community right now,” Hodgson says, noting that it’s free to join. “For brides, it’s nice to connect with someone who’s also getting married and going through the same thing.” For more, check out