12 Super Easy Wedding Updos For Curly Hair

Naturally, curly hair has an enticing and romantic feel, and wedding updo for curly air is super on trend right now.  It adds to the sensuality of the wearer, making that person look younger. This is due to the volume, the shine, and the bounce it possesses.

This allows it to be easily styled in different updos, making it possible for stylists to tap into their inner creativity. But choosing the proper hairstyle for curly hair is a bit tricky, which makes updos the safest and most gorgeous bet.

Curly hair updos are fast becoming a major thing, which is why we have compiled 12 absolutely stunning curly wedding hair updos that can make a bride feel like a queen. Also, you might want to read some of the most common mistakes when styling curly hair as well!


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Faux Hawk

This stunning style is perfect for medium to long hair. You can quickly achieve this updo by combing the hair and clamping it high above your head. Then, you can spray the sides with Aveda spray for curly hair to make it smooth and comb out the packed curls above your head, allowing them to fall gracefully.


Messy Ponytail Bun

This style emphasizes sensuality. It is quite easy to make, and people with long hair have a better chance of rocking this style. It can be done with or without the help of bobby pins.


Snatched Back Low Ponytail

This updo is lovely, as it accentuates the shape of your face. What is needed to achieve this look is to brush your hair (we love this hair brush) and apply a little sprinkle of water to ensure the hair strands stay in place.


Low Bun with Tendrils

This is a really natural hairdo and is perfect for brides that just want to go with the natural and soft look. This look is achieved by banding up your curls and pulling back some pieces to create a purposely messy and delicate look with your curls framing your face.


Cuffed High Ponytail

This is a simple and sweet style. To achieve this style, gather your curls and bind them with an iron bun cuff in a high pony. Once the ponytail is in place, brush the edges to make them ultra-smooth and wrap the base of the ponytail.


Braids and Tendrils

You can take the styling of your curly hair up a notch by adding touches of As seen in this post, it is gorgeous, and you can do it all by yourself.

You add braids to your hair in several places and use the remaining unbraided sections of your hair as the base. You can then style the curls into anything you desire.


Twist it Up

This hairdo is perfect for women with naturally long, curly hair. This involves you pulling your hair upwards and allowing it to fall, as seen in this post. A panache can be added to your curls with a simple twisting.


Side Twist

This is a beautiful hairdo and is perfect for women with full and long hair. To achieve this glam, part your hair into two sections, twist the two sides, then gently curl it around your head. Then, bring the twists together and make them into a bun.


Fishtail Bridal Updo

This classy style can be effortlessly recreated. This style is achieved by parting the hair into little strands and weaving those strands. After this is done, join each strand together until you have covered the entire hair mass.


Braided Bun and a Center Bun

This is a bold hairstyle, guaranteed to attract looks. This style deals with the curls falling back with a well-plaited braid in the center. It is better for people with long hair and can be seen on this Instagram post


Messy Low Bun

This style is comfortable, gorgeous, and requires no hassle at all. All you need do is bound your hair in a low bun, and you can add some glam to it by using pins or colorful scrunchies to secure the bun.


Pineapple Updo

This style is easy to achieve and super cute. Pack your hair up in a ponytail after remoisturizing and then loosen the ponytail, making it extra curly and gorgeous when it fans your face.

All the styles given are perfect for brides, but remember that the shape of the face and outfit should be considered when choosing any of the above styles.

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