The 5 Best Beauty Products Under $5

Looking for  the best beauty products on the cheap? It can become quite difficult to purchase everyday beauty products! Some are not for everyday work and leisure but more for red carpets and lavish getaways while others can be way too expensive and in the end not what you had hoped for when you purchased it. The answer to your beauty product dilemma is actually right at your local pharmacy or retail store. Beauty can come cheap so keep reading and you’ll find out how to get the products you want and keep money in your wallet!

5) Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm

Burt’s Bees is more than just a lip balm for dry lips, and can work as a great beauty product as well. Burt’s Bees uses Sunflower Seed Oil to create a moisturizing lip product that will last for hours. The Lip Balm is available in a few shades from a soft pink tone for an everyday look up to a bright Cherry Red that would be perfect for a night out. Burt’s Bees can be purchased separately for under $5 or a combination pack for a few dollars more.

4) St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

Keeping your skin fresh and your pores clear is the key to having the perfect look. The St. Ives Scrub is made from Apricot Extract and other natural ingredients to create a deep facial scrub that will rid your skin of all makeup residue and everyday oils to have your skin looking fresh and ready for the day. The best part about buying this St. Ives product? Nearly every big box retailer keeps an inventory of the brand so, not only will it be affordable but also very easy to find.

3) Almay Intense I-Color Everyday Neutrals All Day Powder Shadow

Are you ever unsure which color eye shadow to choose to match your eye color? This Almay Intense I-Color is available in different shades that will match your eyes whether they are brown, blue and green. Each package of eye shadow has three different shades that can either be used solo or to blend for an “eye-popping” night out look. The Almay Shadow is hypoallergenic and specially created for sensitive eyes so you won’t have to worry about any allergic reaction or watery eyes from the product.

2) e.l.f. Warm Bronzer

Sometimes choosing the best contour look can be difficult because you have to buy different shades and brands of makeup to actually look like that video tutorial you saw online. Thus e.l.f. Warm Bronzer is great because not only is it affordable but, it brings a traditional tan bronzer along with three alternate shades that are perfect for blending. The e.l.f. Bronzer isn’t oily and would also work great as a simple summer tan look as well. Check any local pharmacy or retailer to purchase for about $4 on average.

1) Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nail Polish

When it comes to purchasing nail polish, we sometimes spend more money on brands such as OPI because the color is vibrant and can give that nail salon finish. But, for everyday wear and a quick drying nail polish, this Sally Hansen polish is definitely the one to choose. The polish is thick enough that you won’t need more than one coat and dries much quicker than your typical high-end polish, which is really what we want anyway, isn’t it? The Insta-Dry Polish is available in dark and pastel tones and although you could use your own top coat, it isn’t necessary with this polish because of its natural sleek shine.