Sedona, Arizona Elopement

Sedona, Arizona Elopement: These two met each other when they were in high school and while they each sparked each other’s attention, it wasn’t until years later they would go on their first date.

When that day finally came to be, it was the best first date either of them had ever had and was going to be their last after spending hours chatting in the local brewery.

They have since spent a lot of time adventuring and spending quality time together building their relationship. They wanted a wedding day that reflected their journey and that was a celebration in a new place with their closest family members.

We met up with them at a coffee shop in Flagstaff, Arizona to meet for the first time after calls and emails leading up to their day! We chatted about a possible back-up game plan for their elopement in the event that the weather may shift and take a turn for the worse.

After coffee and chatting, we headed out to Avail Tattoo for their tattoo appointment to kick off the elopement events! They had decided to each get a tattoo of their puppo, Poe, since she could not be present with them on their wedding day.

The following morning and the day of the wedding, we met Jay & Taylor in a coffee shop in Sedona, first thing bright and early so that they could hand write their vows into their vow books together.

It was a lovely way to start the day off, sitting by the fire pit and in a cozy coffee shop. It started the day with meaning and purpose, setting a tone for the big event later.

From the start, Jay and Taylor were very excited for the first look. The day before they had told us they weren’t criers and were not expecting any tears throughout the elopement day.

I picked a spot for the first look that had some beautiful yellow flowers and overlooked part of the area that we would see later during our ceremony.

Anticipation was high, and they were both ready. Jay stood outside facing the red rocks anxiously waiting for Taylor as she made her way to him through the cactus.

As soon as Jay turned around to see Taylor and her dress, the tears came flowing. There were smiles, laughter, hugs and so many happy tears of joy.

We ventured through the muddy waters along the dirt road, having a blast taking the Jeep up the mountain side. Taylor got to do a first look with her father before walking down the trail to her future husband.

Her dad also shed a few tears seeing his daughter and her beautiful wedding dress. He walked her down the trail to the family and where Jay was waiting to marry Taylor.

It was a beautiful day with Taylor’s stepdad officiating their ceremony and reminding them what marriage is all about. They read private handwritten vows to each other that were emotionally filled and there were of course more tears shed by each other and all of their family.

Their ceremony ended with a big hoo-rah, tears of joy and more kisses. All the family members hugged them and gave congratulations before we took family photos with the amazing back drop.

After all the portraits and playing, we headed right back to the house where the family had picked up pizzas, and enjoyed leftovers from their grilling out the day before.

While we enjoyed dinner with everyone we were able to put together the sneak peaks from the day for everyone to have for the night! As we left them, they were sitting outside, enjoying the pool, hot tub and cigars to in the evening.

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Venue: Private Residence
Beauty: Superstition Makeup CO
Dress Store: Rue De Seine
Photographer: Adventure and Vow