San Diego Mountain Wedding

These two lovely ladies had to change their wedding plans quite a few times until they finally decided to have a small backyard elopement at their home. Originally, they were supposed to have their wedding at Milagro Winery (one of my favorite venues), but for obvious reasons, that wasn’t able to happen. A San Diego mountain wedding ended up being the perfect choice.

Being a photographer is so cool because no matter what plans everyone had to change in 2020, I still got to be a part of it all. Because photos are essential when it comes to your wedding. And that’s just the way it is.

Danielle & Julie invited me up to their new home up in the mountains (WHICH WAS GORGEOUS) and I got to capture them commit to each other under a beautiful tree in their front yard. It was just me and their families that were there to witness. And their adorable pups of course.

All of this happened in an unconventional way but it was still so so sweet. San Diego is perfect for backyard elopements because the terrain is just so beautiful everywhere (especially up in the mountains). I cannot wait for their big wedding at Milagro Winery next year 🙂

Associated Vendors

Venue: Private Residence- San Diego Mountain Wedding
Photographer: Gabriel Conover Photography