Riviera Maya Wedding

From the bride: Our Riviera Maya wedding in Mexico was an unforgettable weekend.

We met on July 24, 2010, Fabio is Italian from Milan and came to Mexico on a business trip, I am Argentine, from the city of Buenos Aires, but I had already lived in Cancun for some years.

That night, I went to Playa del Carmen to enjoy an outing with my friends, we decided to go to Blue Parrot, a mythical place in Playa del Carmen that no longer exists, but it was on the beach, there was good music and delicious drinks.

Fabio was in that place, accompanied by a friend, who tried to start a conversation with me without any success, since he quickly understood my deep disinterest.

Then he approached my Fabio, I think he had drunk a few extra drinks, he was handsome and funny, so we started talking, dancing and that was how the night passed. At the end, he asked me for my contact on Facebook, I gave it to him and trying to downplay the moment, I said goodbye without agreeing to any future meeting.

By that time he already knew that he lived in Italy and that he had to return in 5 days …

The next day, when I opened my Facebook account, I found the message from him that said:

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I thought I was exaggerating and again I tried to minimize the encounter but it was getting more and more difficult!

Fabio insisted on inviting me to dinner, I refused because in the end I knew that he should go to Italy and that scared me a little! Luckily, my friend insisted and insisted that I accept, until I did and finally agreed.

On our first date, he invited me to dinner at Isla Mujeres, one of the most romantic places in the Riviera Maya, in a restaurant on the beach, facing the sea in the middle of the Caribbean spring, with such a spectacular sunset, one of those that thrills, characteristic of the beautiful island.

After that magical night, Fabio exchanged his return ticket for 10 more days.

When the day of dismissal arrived, he told me to maintain communication by video call and asked me to wait for him.

He would see me again as soon as possible.

During a year he traveled four times to see me and in one of his visits he promised that in a year he would come to Playa del Carmen to stay and start a life together …

And that’s how a year later we lived together in Playacar.

Ten years later, we decided to celebrate our love and the wonderful family that we have formed with my beautiful daughter Tizi.

At first, we thought of an intimate elopement wedding, maybe about 10 guests, the judge and nothing else, something simple … but soon our family and friends joined and what would be a “little wedding” ended up being a Big Wedding!

A beautiful ceremony with a delicate boho chic style designed by our great friend Caro Lavoignet, facing the Caribbean sea, at the Breathless Hotel, with more than 60 guests and a dinner full of flavors from Italy and Argentina.

Associated Vendors

Venue: Riviera Maya Wedding- Private residence
Bakery: Doux Melange
Event Planner: Carolina Lavoignet Weddings
Photographer: Cossu Photography