Post Card Inn Wedding

Brooke and Ali’s Post Card Inn wedding took place in gorgeous St. Petersburg, Florida. Brooke wore a gorgeous dress adorned with lace from The White Magnolia Bridal Shop. Palm Leafs and pops of pink and white roses gave this beachfront wedding the most perfect but not overwhelming color it needed.

Their two dogs, Frank and Ramobo were also included in the ceremony which made everything so special. That is what I loved most about their wedding.

They kept it simple, yet intimate and elegant. Ali and Brooke from different backgrounds. He is Lebanese and she is Italian. They had Lebanese food as well as Italian for their dishes. They also had Arabic music and debke mixed in with American music. It was such a beautiful day.

We headed to the beach for sunset photos and they couldn’t have been more perfect. The night ended with one of the most fun sparkler exits I have been a part of!

From the bride:

How did you meet? Ali and I met at work in the hospital. On my first day of work, he said “I like your shoes”. He was an ICU nurse and I was the ICU dietitian. We were friends at first, then best friends, then Ali kissed me one day (after a year of being best friends) and we decided to date from there on out! We already knew we loved each other, but all we needed was the chemistry.

The proposal was a great idea on his part because I wasn’t expecting it at all. Ali proposed to me in the exact spot he said “I like your shoes”, with all of my friends and family around. It was perfect.

I wanted my wedding to be simple with a lot of greenery! Ali and are from different backgrounds. He is Lebanese and I am Italian. We had Lebanese food as well as Italian for our dishes. We also had Arabic music and debke mixed in with American music. It was so fun!

I used white, gold, and light pink as my colors. I used lanterns in the center of the tables as well as a large palm leaf. Very simple! I wanted to capture more of the greenery rather than décor.

Advice for other brides: First, I would say to become best friends with your significant other before marrying them. You learn so much about each other because you aren’t dating so you don’t hold back. I knew the real Ali before we even dated.

Second, COMMUNICATION. Even when you want to ignore the person after a fight for 4 hours, DONT. No matter how uncomfortable it is to communicate, it’s very important you get your feelings out otherwise you’ll end up resenting the other person for things you never even told him bothered you.

Associated Vendors

Event Planner: Days Remembered by ND
Floral Designer: Jennie’s Flowers of Tampa Bay
Cinema and Video: Hearts Video
Location: Post Card Inn wedding on the Beach
Caterer: Post Card Inn on the Beach
Ceremony Location: Post Card Inn on the Beach
Hair Stylist: Femme Akoi Beauty Studio
Makeup Artist: Femme Akoi Beauty Studio
Dress Store: White Magnolia Bridal Collection Tampa
Photographer: Alyissa Landri Photography