Ole Hanson Beach Club Wedding

From the photographer on this Ole Hanson Beach Club wedding: Wedding days go by so quickly. They really do. For this reason (and more), I geek out about creating the most supportive wedding timelines for all my clients!

What does this mean and even look like? I really dive in. I ask a lot of questions. I want to get to know their love story. Their proposal. Their families. Their connection. What moves them. What inspires them.

I want details about their wedding, those involved in it, the moments they’re most excited about, where they’re getting ready, if a first look is in their vision, what images do they imagine hanging on their walls, and oh so much more. Why?

As the answers uncover themselves, so too does their passion, their love, their excitement, their truth. Within this, this is where magic is created. It’s in that interweaving.

I then take all this information and based on how many hours of coverage I’m with them for their wedding day, we create the most supportive timeline. This is so very important as uncovering that passion, that love, that excitement, that truth – it needs space and time to really surface.

The moments are fleeting. Yet, with the perfect amount of support and presence, come to life in this way that creates time capsules that are literally timeless. They are just that, a time capsule. A moment, that is stopped. Captured full of that very love, that very connection, that very euphoria. Their very truth.

These time capsules right here are a perfect reflection of diving deep into my couple’s truth. One of the most important aspects of their wedding day was timing the ceremony, family, full wedding party portraits, and of course romantics perfectly for that golden hour.

My oh my, was this the truth! The light couldn’t have been more magical! We walked down onto the sand (well, rocks) just in time for the golden light to caress their wedding bliss! And this, these right here, we’re brought to life!

Congrats Kayla and Sean! You two were on fire! Thank you for this honor!

Associated Vendors

Other: Noah Taher
Event Planner: Weddings by Cortney Helaine
Floral Designer: Sweet Blossom Designs
DJ: N-Effect Weddings
Caterer: 24 Carrots Catering
Reception Venue: Ole Hanson Beach Club
Photographer: Ashley Strong Photography