The Oak Atelier Wedding

The couple on their Oak Atelier Wedding: How did you meet? “We had chemistry together”, literally and figuratively.

We met our freshman year in college as Chemistry majors. We became best friends very quickly in our small program, which eventually led us to becoming more.

By the second semester we were inseparable and it has been that way ever since.

-Why did you choose to elope?

We have been together nine years, and when we finally were done with school and had the time to get married the world was struck with a global pandemic. Simultaneously, we moved halfway across the country from our family.

Both of these factors made it very difficult for us to plan a wedding back home that would have been safe and enjoyable.

We decided to elope because we wanted to be married more than anything. We have plans to celebrate our anniversary the following year with our family when hopefully things will be safer to make up for that missed moment.

-How did you choose your elopement location?

We chose the location because that is where we are currently living. The selection of the venue from the options listed was a difficult decision because they were all wonderful.

We ultimately decided on The Oak Atelier because it just seemed like the perfect venue for a true elopement with no guests. It was small, personal, beautiful, and a magical location to be wed.

Associated Vendors

Ceremony Location: The Oak Atelier
Officiant: Jennifer Luu
Event Planner: Simply Eloped
Photographer: J. Andrade Visual Arts