Montrose Harbor Wedding

This Montrose Harbor wedding was located in Chicago, IL. It’s a dreamscape just minutes from the heart of Chicago.

This stunning Lake Michigan Coastline park has northern views of the skyline while being a serene neighborhood oasis for families.

You will find this location by visiting Lincoln (Abraham) Park, a beloved Chicago park beaming with nature gardens, a hidden lily pond, tons of green space for city views, not to mention the Lincoln Park Zoo and quite a few museums!

Lincoln Park is one of the oldest and largest parks in Chicago, over 1000 acres of which was built from landfill!

Through Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal many park improvements were made possible, including an extension.

This park is a must see next time you’re in the Windy City and it is the backdrop for our Green Apple Photography Styled Shoot. We think the photos speak for themselves as to the absolute dream-like beauty of this location.

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Other Location: Lincoln Park-  Montrose Harbor wedding

Photographer: Green Apple Photography