Megan and Donny’s Palazzo Rocchi Wedding

Megan and Donny had a Halloween-themed wedding at Palazzo Rocchi in Italy. Both artists, the groom is a brilliant comics writer and the bride is a talented Marvel comics artist with a taste for darker art. They chose to get married in a beautiful Tuscan city on a melancholy October evening.

The streets were very crowded due to an international comics fair the night of their wedding. Both the bride and groom were guests at the conference. 

High above the cobbled streets, Donny waited for Megan on the terrace of their venue. He could see all of Piazza di San Michele, including the mighty bell tower of the cathedral.

From the bride: “To find inspiration, it was enough for us to follow our common passion for comics and fantasy/dark scenarios. The ceremony would take place on Halloween night in a beautiful Italian city, home to an international comic fair where we were guests.”

In terms of fashion, both the bride and groom went with vintage flair. He wore an elegant black suit with pleats and a skeletal hand holding some small white flowers. She wore a fitted vintage-inspired dress. Even her haircut was styled short with black retro waves.

They chose to decorate with white flowers and decorations inspired by skeletons. They wanted a romantic and playful atmosphere.

The flowers were truly unique. The color palette of the bouquet was white, black, and green. Among the roses, flowers, and the eucalyptus were three matching glitter skulls.

Event Planner: Bianco Rosa Weddings//Floral Designer: Fiori Fiori Weddings//Makeup Artist: Maura Martinelli//Reception Venue: l’imbuto//Pre Ceremony Location: Palazzo Rocchi//Photographer: Alessia Angelotti