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Bon Voyage Brides!

Last week, we flew our focus afar to the most romantic city of all. We received terrific tips and helpful hints for planning a Parisian wedding. It’s hard to let go of a country so picture perfect for pairing off – so we’re stretching our studies further across the country. From the valleys filled with vino to the regal Riviera, here’s six more spots to tie the knot! 

Go For :: Coastal Couture 



Location: Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc

On The Map: Antibes, France (Southeastern tip, French Riviera) 

The Perk: An exclusive 5-Star hotel resting on the Mediterranean with breathtaking views, a chic destination just 20 minutes from the airport and reachable by sea 

Coastal view, restaurants, lounges, and bars- what’s not to like about the Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc? Treat yourself like a celebrity on your wedding day and let the French Riviera take your breath away. The hotel rests on the southern tip of the Cap d’Antibes and sits between Nice and Cannes, France. Even in its private establishment, this location also offers the most quintessential of luxuries. Smell the fresh foliage strolling by 22 acres of garden, and travel into the town of Antibes to admire world-renowned art galleries and museums. The hotel is home to the Champagne, Piano, Lounge, and Bellini Bar- which will have guests celebrating into the night. If getting married amidst the Mediterranean doesn’t tickle your fancy, best of luck brides.


Go For :: A Majestic Chateaux 



Location: Chateau Lamothe du Prince Noir

On The Map: Bordeaux, France

The Perk: A serene spot for a rural wedding, private yet accessible

Nestled in Mother nature’s beauty lies the Chateau Lamothe du Prince Noir. A spot where swans and ducks effortlessly swim about a mote that wraps around the establishment, and terraces rest both in front and behind the castle. The Chateaux’s bountiful and rural grounds are impeccable for an outdoor wedding. Newly renovated in 2013, the Chateau is home to a bed and breakfast. Charming and stylish bedrooms are located inside, fully equipped with spacious and elegantly decorated bathrooms to pamper yourself. Naturally, great foliage attracts great vineyards to the area, and those indulging in vino for the celebrations are going to please their pallets. Brides, this is your chance to have an exquisite getaway in a land far far away- and yet you still get Wi-Fi! Just a 30 minute drive from the Bordeaux airport leaves you in serenity for a glamorous day, yet allows accessibility for those traveling from afar.


Go For :: A Hotel Hotspot 


20_Fine Dining Restaurant le Meurice

Location: Le Meurice Hotel

On The Map: Paris, France 

The Perk: 5-Star hotel with two delectable restaurants, located in the heart of Paris 

Fly over to the Hotel Le Meurice and surround yourself with French elegance and historic culture for your wedding day. Conveniently located in the midst of Paris attractions, there is something for all who attend the wedding. Stroll over to renowned sites such as the Louvre, empty your wallets and grab some bags at the Hermés and Chanel store, or surround yourself with nature’s beauty at the Tuileries Garden. Take your pick between Le Meurice’s two savory restaurants- Restaurant Le Meurice or Restaurant Le Dalí for a classy celebratory dinner. This hotel won’t leave you disappointed. Before embarking for this Parisian wedding- you may want to consider packing light on the way over…for the fear of sacrificing a suitcase for those irresistible Christian Louboutins.


Go For :: A Cherished Church




Location: La Sainte Chapelle Church

On The Map: Paris, France

The Perk: Say your vows beneath 6,458 square feet of the oldest stained glass in Paris, while standing in one of the most beautiful churches in the world

You may see magic and fairy dust fall from the ceilings once saying your vows a La Sainte Chapelle. This gothic-styled mid-13th century church has all the components for a princess to await her fairytale wedding. Complete with a dazzling ceiling and golden arches on its lower level, combined with illuminating stained glass on its upper level, it’s tough to hold a candle to La Sainte Chapelle. Just as King Louis IX of France constructed the Chapelle for hosting the most holy of relics- a bride deserves an establishment just as special on her most treasured of days.

Go For :: A Private Mansion 



Location: Hôtel de Sully

On The Map: Rue Saint-Antoine (Paris, France)

The Perk: Celebrate your most beautiful day at one of the most beautiful private mansions in Paris 

Go big or go home. Celebrate your wedding at this iconic landmark, and it quickly becomes your private mansion at the same time. A site originally built for granting access into the Place Royale- which is now the Place de Vosges, can become your own private pass into Paris’ pristine. Since 1967, the Hôtel de Sully houses the society dedicated to the preservation of French monuments. Stand in front of the manner’s doors and the courtyard will become the new grounds for a wedding. With surrounding gardens and an orangery, captivating scenery infests the Hôtel de Sully. The mansion is not open to the public, however on your wedding day access may just have to be granted.


Go For :: A Wondrous Winery  

Bordeaux 1998


Location: Château Mouton Rothschild 

On The Map: Pauillac, France ( The Médoc )

The Perk: Travel to one of the world’s greatest wine estates and absorb the prestigious Bordeaux flavor during your time away

Wed in wine region. The Chateau rests on 203 acres of grape vines, consequently spreading its various flavors throughout the vineyard. Predominantly consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet France, vino will not be in short supply for the festivities. The endless amount of outdoor space leaves the bride with infinite options to say her vows, and the guests can explore the wide terrain. The Château hosts several large rooms and artistic decor spreads from wall to wall. Whether you choose to hold the reception indoors, outdoors, or mix and match the ambiance- beauty and art is a guarantee at this stellar estate!