Joshua Tree Wedding

Allie and Josh had an incredible, intimate, Joshua Tree wedding this past fall.

In life, there are times that manifest out of spontaneous energy.

Something tells you let’s do this and just make it work.

Allie and Josh wanted to say their vows in the desert’s wind, carrying the words onward, to wherever the wind goes.

Much like this desert wind, Allie & Josh made me believe they had existed together for lifetimes prior.

Entering Joshua Tree through the northeast entrance lets you see a different side of the park.

An oasis brings water to the desert, and the vastness is more apparent as this side of the park connects to the basin.

It just opens up in front of you.

We took the drive to Live Oak and decided to just have the ceremony right near the front.

Allie’s dress looked heavenly in the golden sunset as the officiant began his words.

Josh, with his sharp haircut and suit, looked deeply at Allie as she smiled towards the officiant.

Photographing these moments and being their only witness added another layer of intimacy to the ceremony.

I was able to freely move about and photograph moments from a different angle than typical.

After the ceremony, we climbed around some rocks and I let them define what the photos would look like, simply photographing their already-radiant connection.

As we moved through the desert, Live Oak gave us more and more to see.

The sun sank further and further, and the sky changed to that unrivaled desert sunset mix. Stars began to appear and Allie and Josh Levine slow danced the practiced steps they had planned for their big wedding.

The last thing I photographed was the stars above the Airbnb they were staying at, so they’d know forever what the stars looked like on their Joshua Tree wedding night.

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Location: Joshua Tree National Park
Photographer: Fleeting Emanations