Jenn and Adriana’s Regal March Wedding

Jenn and Adriana started their forever in a regal March wedding that was absolutely stunning. They got married on March 9 at San Francisco’s city hall. From the photographer: “One of my favorite shots is of the tattoos on the back of their arms. It’s the longitude and latitude of where they got engaged and where they got married. I thought I was going to swoon!!! They were married the last week weddings were allowed in San Francisco. I’m so glad that it was THEM. They went home and closed on their new home. They said they feel really blessed that life brought them together and there’s nobody else they’d rather have to stay home with!”

Jenn and Adriana met through mutual friends and were together over four years before tying the knot in a regal March wedding. They looked like royalty in their stunning wedding attire and coordinated bouquets.

Their engagement story is just as magical. The two got engaged at a light festival. From the bride: “After I released my lantern, I was instructed to read the message written on Adri’s as we lit it on the torch. As I stood there, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you” came across the lantern. I then turned to Adri who was in mid-drop on one knee with a ring box in hand asking me to marry her. I mean, come on! Talk about the proposal of a lifetime.”

Jewelry: Diamonds For Love\\Floral Designer: The Bud Stop\\Ceremony Location: San Francisco City Hall\]Makeup Artist: Makeup and Hair by Adelina\\Photographer: Rachel Levine Photography