How The Right Videography Style Can Complement Your Dream Wedding

Your wedding video will be something you can look back on years from now. Therefore, you need to find the right videography style because it’s essential in achieving the vibe you really want. It can be a little overwhelming and tricky at the same time, but working with the right people will surely get you to your desired outcome.

Here are a few of the many ways the right videography style can truly capture the beauty of your dream wedding:

  1. It Complements The Wedding Theme

Finding the right videographer can help you achieve your dream wedding. Their forte should be weddings. Nothing beats experience; you could be good at shooting videos, but not weddings. Therefore, find a videographer whose specialty is wedding ceremonies. Also, you need to get someone good at your preferred style, which you can easily find on their website pr official social media pages.

If you’re in Canada, for instance, you can employ a Vancouver wedding videographer who can produce top-quality videos and help you film your most memorable day. All you need to do is to give them your preference, what you’d like to see in the video, and which among the following styles you like most: 

  • Journalistic Style – This is the simplest style. It doesn’t contain so many special effects. It’s direct to the point and merely a video of what happened during the wedding.    
  • Cinematic Style – This style is very similar to that of movies. It’ll involve a lot of post-production: special effects, music, and editing. It’ll primarily highlight the emotions of everyone on that day.    
  • Storytelling Style – This is similar to the cinematic style in terms of editing. It requires post-production, but this is more of a storytelling version. It includes voiceovers and a few dialogues.   
  • Artistic Style – It doesn’t really have a story per se. It’s about creativity, and this is something you need to discuss with your videography team so that they can pitch in ideas.    
  • Highlights Style – It’ll show the highlights of the wedding; this is probably the shortest among all the videography styles.   

Once you’ve decided on a style, the videographer will do their thing. Therefore, it pays to hire someone who understands you and your desired outcome.

  1. It Captures The Right Angles

In getting the right angles, it involves the videographer’s creativity. They know how to make anyone look good. They know what types of equipment to use. Some would even invest in drones, which would help create that dramatic effect that looks absolutely stunning on the final output.

Here are the most important clips during the wedding day they’re expected to capture:

  • Wedding Ceremony – This usually generates the most important clips as this showcase the ‘I dos,’ as well as the couple’s and guests’ reactions.
  • The Reception – This will be where most of the fun shots would be, and, perhaps, the easiest footage to shoot. The reception is just as critical as the ceremony.
  • The ‘Firsts’ – There should be clips of the first dance and first kiss, among others.
  • Preparation – The final output should also include clips of before and after the venue was decorated. A timelapse would be ideal to add a cinematic effect to the entire video.
  • B-roll – It consists of shots that keep viewers engaged. It’ll make the entire video more interesting. This is essential for post-production.
  1. It Creates Unforgettable Memories

Think ahead and ask yourself if this will be the kind of video you’d like to see. If so, you’ve chosen the right style and videographer to work with. You should give yourself a pat on the shoulder; you did a great job. You played your part, and now you have something to look forward to years later. 

You can even use the footage and play it on your tenth wedding anniversary, or you can show it to your future grandchildren. There are just countless ways you can use your wedding video. Therefore, give everything a thought, and then decide.


The videography style you’ll choose should match your wedding theme and the vibe you’re after, as well as capture the right angles and create unforgettable memories. All these will be possible and achievable when you find the right people to work with.