Horseshoe Bend Wedding

The alarm clocks went off at 2:50 am. John and I met outside of Rhonda and Jeremiah’s bedroom waiting for the welcome. They had asked us to capture their daily morning prayer and scripture reading before their Horseshoe Bend wedding day.

This is something they do every single morning together, no matter what time they have to get up and it means a lot to their relationship.

On this morning, the scripture said something about a big event happening on this day, and it couldn’t have been more spot on. After the prayer, I went back to rest for a bit as Courtney, with Seventh Ave, started doing hair and make-up for Rhonda. I woke back up before our departure to capture some detail shots of them writing their vows, the dress, and getting ready.

We set out with dark skies for our first destination. Before we lost service Rhonda was able to Facetime her daughter who had been anxiously waiting to hear if they were married yet!

We arrived just as the sun started to come up. They each got into their wedding attire for the first look together.

Jeremiah waited along the cliff edge overlooking the water for Rhonda to come to greet him in her stunning wedding dress! As she turned him around his face lit up and his smile was undeniable.

They shared some time together before walking over to a different overlook to say their vows and exchange rings in a completely private and emotional ceremony. After they sealed the deal with a kiss and said I do, we explored there a bit longer before heading out to the next location.

We took an off-roaded adventure through deep snowy sand surrounded by desert plants and nothing more to the second location. We arrived in a snowy wonderland all to ourselves. With a change of clothes, we set out to explore a beautiful slot canyon.

After walking through the slot canyon together and enjoying the snow, it was definitely time for lunch. We made our way back towards our last destination, but I knew the perfect spot for these two to have their picnic lunch.

As we drove to our next spot, they were able to Facetime another one of the kids to check in and share how their Horseshoe Bend wedding day was going. I loved that even though their kids were not with them, they were still a part of the day and joy.

We arrived at a sandy beach shore with no one around on land or water for a great view with blue skies.

They set up their adorable picnic for lunch together in the sand eating fruits, nuts, bread, cheese, and more.

As John and I packed up to head back home, we asked what they were going to do for the rest of the evening. They said probably sleep or enjoy a cocktail in the hot tub of the Airbnb. I can’t imagine a better way to end such an epic day.

Associated Vendors

Other Location: Horseshoe Bend
Cinema and Video: jocundbliss
Beauty: Seventh Ave Beauty
Floral Designer: Jane in the Woods
Photographer: Traci Edwards Photography LLC