Las Verandas- Honduras Beach Wedding

From the bride: I envisioned my Honduras beach wedding as what I liked to call “jungle glam.” I wanted it to be very floral and bright. I went with an emerald green and gold color scheme.

A big focal point of the design was the monstera leaf. While looking at pictures of designs and floral arrangements, I saw the monstera leaf and I fell in love. I knew everything had to work around the leaf. It’s a huge beautiful leaf native to the island and I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

After touring multiple venues and not finding something that really sparked our interests, we started playing with the idea of a traveling Honduras beach wedding. The reason we got major backlash from the original idea of a destination wedding was because our family did not think it would be affordable for them to travel. We knew that if we pitched the traveling idea we would have to make it in a way that would be affordable for most.

We came up with a cruise wedding and priced it out. When we presented it to the family, we had numbers for them, and they were excited about the idea.

I wanted to highlight Honduras in a good light. Honduras is a beautiful country with a lot of struggles.

I wanted to highlight the beauty and talent that is in Honduras. I wanted the flowers to be local. I did not want roses or the typical floral plants that are usually found in weddings. I wanted everything to have a local touch to it.

I found my bridal gown at the wedding studio in Carmel, Indiana. I loved the way it made me feel when I stepped in it! It has the right amount of lace and beading. I was so obsessed with it!

My favorite part of our Honduras Beach wedding was walking down the aisle and looking at Anthony. It happened so fast but it was perfect.

I am forever grateful for Keila Thompson. She was my coordinator for the wedding. She handled everything for me.

The hardest part of the wedding was booking the cruise for all guests. I really felt like a travel agent. It was really stressful at times. I think it ends up being around the same if not a little more to have a destination wedding but I also think it’s so worth it.

Our advice: Go with the flow! No matter how perfect you try to plan it something is going to go a little different than what you hope for and that’s ok. The day is about marrying someone you love so don’t sweat the small stuff. AND also get you a photographer (like my amazing Pierre) who will make the day look flawless (at least in photos).

From the groom: Enid & I have known each other since we were 12 years old. We began dating in 2013 while in college. From that point on our relationship began to flourish. Over the next few years, we started traveling together and planning our future. In December of 2016, I started to think about marriage and caught myself constantly looking at rings.

In 2015 after Enid graduated college she decided that we would go to Greece. As I prepared to graduate college in May 2017 I decided I wanted to take her to Paris. I knew I wanted to make the moment spectacular and special so I started to prepare. This is the moment that I contacted Pierre.

I planned for 5 months constantly communicating with Pierre. From this point, I planned the outfits, rings, and thought about how everything might work. I was able to keep it a secret for the whole 5 months.

In May we traveled to Paris, I told Enid that we were going somewhere fancy so she would wear the dress I picked out. We took an Uber to the Trocadero where I asked a stranger (Pierre) to take our picture. At this moment he said the keywords, “The light is perfect!” I got down on one knee and proposed while he took our pictures.

That day everything turned out perfectly and the photos are more than amazing.

Associated Vendors

Other: The Paris Officiant
Professional: The Paris Celebrants
Second Shooter: The Parisian Photographers
Ceremony Location: Las Verandas
Apparel: Betsy & Adam
Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Louie’s Tux Shop
Dress Designer: Martina Liana
Ceremony Location: Eiffel Tower
Photographer: My Paris elopement