Holden Room Wedding

Alexandra and Adam met over a bowl of noodles. It was at a wedding in China, and they never experienced anything like it before. Both adamant travelers, this small meeting would bloom into a relationship that would lead them back home to the US where they celebrated their Holden Room wedding and marriage on July 31, 2021.

Their reception was at the Holden Room wedding venue- a contemporary, minimalist space that soaked in the afternoon sun with its white walls.

Located in the same space, was the Glass Room. An intimate and luxurious lounge that had custom-made hand-blown glass lights crafted by Hennepin Made. This custom lighting made for some of the most unique bride and groom portraits.

With natural light seeping in the room and the placement of the custom-made glass lighting, it was truly a magical sight.

As the sun set in Minneapolis, the courtyard located just outside the Holden Room through a large translucent dock door made for a creamy husband and wife portrait session.

With some privacy for the first time that day, they shared an intimate moment, a kiss, and an embrace.

As a note, we took Alexandra and Adam’s engagement photos in -2 degree weather in the cold heart of January in Minnesota. It was almost an 80-degree difference from that spectacular day on July 31st.

Associated Vendors

Bakery: Keys Cafe
Band: Brian Kinney Band
Design and Decor: Style Society
Jewelry: Ivy & Rose
Event Venue: The Holden Room
Photographer: Bri and Joe Photography