The Greenhouse Wedding

From the bride on her Greenhouse Wedding: We nixed our big fat 2020 church wedding because of COVID, married at The Greenhouse PNOC on November 28, 2020 with just our parents/siblings, and postponed the PARTY until May 28, 2022.

Ryan is from the East Coast and I’ve lived all over the world, so we held the our post-nup party on Memorial Day weekend to give our guests time to travel to California.

We wanted the day to feel like a huge party for our family and friends who we weren’t able to have at our wedding!

The bride incorporated elements of her and Ryan’s backgrounds into the occasion.

Laurie Ellen lived in New Orleans for three years during law school so she made customized Mardi Gras beads for all guests with a tag showing where they are from, a maple leaf for Canadian cousins, college/grad school insignias, and the South Sudanese flag where Laurie Ellen used to be an aid worker.

The couple used a world map instead of a guest book and invited guests to write a fun memory/place they met on the map so the couple would have the map as a memory for later.

Laurie Ellen really wanted guests to explore the venue- her family’s nursery/greenhouse property. So she created a scavenger hunt for all guests and folded them into origami leaves to match the nursery theme,

The hunt made sure all guests explored the full property – including planting a succulent in a pot as their party gift. When you’re at a nursery/greenhouse, you have to pot something!

Laurie Ellen and Ryan are huge Mexican food fans. Laurie Ellen is a native Californian and Ryan is a transplant, so they wanted to share really good Mexican food and drinks with their guests.

They had five different types of tacos catered, tortillas hand pressed in front of our guests, a plethora of Mexican appetizers including ceviche, and an elaborate salsa/guacamole bar.

They then had four signature cocktails, all tequila based, including tequila sunrise, paloma, and champagne spritzer, and then served Mexican beers.

All of the fruit used in the mixers came from the nursery! And then they served a variety of California wines for their guests to sample the tastes of California.

Associated Vendors

Floral Designer: Laurie Ellen Park
Other: Premiere Valet Services
Musicians: Sam Marsey
Equipment Rentals: Sundrop Vintage
Design and Decor: OC Party rentals
Equipment Rentals: AKT Made
Event Planner: Cassandra Lee & Co. Events
Caterer: Owner
Caterer: Soho Tacos
Cake Designer: CocoaBerry Cake Co.
Event Venue: The Greenhouse PNOC
Photographer: Tribe Greywolf