Fairytale Luxury Wedding in Venice, Italy

With this project, we wanted to highlight the eternal beauty of Venice and what makes a Fairytale Luxury Wedding in Venice, Italy truly unique.

The Venetian wedding photographer Michael Zennaro masterfully showcased the city’s picturesque canals, palaces with their rich interiors and history, wedding gondolas, and Venetian masks.

He captured the feeling of love and happiness, contagious even for passers-by, when they saw our couple.

We also wanted to demonstrate a seamless work of an international team, who crafted the whole day of beauty and adventure.

Luba Gankin from Primavera Dreams Weddings in Boston was preparing for this shoot for quite a while. Her partner in Italy, Diana Da Ros, was instrumental in assuring everything goes perfectly when they met in Venice.

Let’s take a look at this exciting day!

Our couple, Giulia and Jack,  began getting ready in the legendary Hotel Danieli, in beautiful suites overlooking the city.

The hair and makeup were done by the talented wedding MUA Lisa Semenzato, who took care of the bride and her maid of honor.

During the morning hours, the groom put on his bespoke tux by Cad & The Dandy, NYC – a boutique branch of London’s tailors from the famous Savile Row in London.

While the happy couple gets ready, let’s look at the stunning accessories! The couple used a custom-made watercolor invitation depicting Danieli’s façade. It was designed by Ellen Paul, a calligraphy and watercolor artist based in Massachusetts.

To add some local flavor, our couple chose wedding bands and bridal jewelry at Gioielli Leonardo. I loved the earrings the most, though Giulia’s engagement ring and Damiani collier were exquisite. Jack sported a wristwatch by Girard-Perregaux.

Giulia decided to wear the Rosa Moceniga perfume by Merchant of Venice as well Bella Belle heels for the ceremony, and Sergio Rossi for the party. Jack sported trendy BV Milano shoes.

And now, it’s time to put on the wedding gown! Giulia’s gown was by Justin Alexander’s Signature, the Julie dress. It was an honor to help Giulia into the gown, attach the gorgeous veil (also by Justin Alexander), and make sure everything was perfect for her walk down the aisle.

Her Maid of Honor was quite helpful as well. She wore an Adele dress by Jenny Yoo in cinnamon rose, selected by Beth Chapman Styling, and Edera Jewelry accessories.

Once the preparations were done, everyone was ready for the First Look.

It took place by the famous stairs of Danieli!

These moments were filled with emotions; the talented, Venice-born and raised photographer, Michael Zennaro, captured them expertly.

The couple then walked into the opulent Dandolo Bar. They took a few pictures with an essential Venetian attribute: the intricate Venetian masks.

There are still a few prominent artisans in Venice who have spent centuries perfecting the mask-making craft. The couple selected masks from the Leon Doro boutique, located on Ponte Rialto.

The Palazzo Garzoni holds a unique position compared to the other palazzos on the Grand Canal. It has a majestic, luminous late-Gothic facade and 216 windows, creating a remarkable continuum between the building and the city’s lagoons.

Everything is ready here for the couple. An iconic floral shop, Munaretto flowers, delivered exquisite ceremony flowers.

Munaretto creates the most amazing floral installations for various celebrations in the city.

The ceremony takes place in the well-lit, emotion-filled hall. Simple, joyful, and meaningful, it feels hearts with great happiness.

The couple, the best man and the maid of honor can finally fully relax! And then take a few pictures from the balcony with the most amazing views of Ponte Rialto!

Next, it’s time for the wedding party to return to Danieli and continue the celebration. But first, why don’t the newlyweds enjoy a gondola ride? After all, as the famous local saying goes, ‘ If a couple in a gondola kiss as they pass under each bridge, they will remain in love forever.’

Do you know that there are special wedding gondolas in Venice? They have a richly appointed décor and are steered by not one but two gondoliers! Our gondola was called the “Queen of Venice.”

The couple takes a leisurely ride, enjoying being watched by tourists who send their well-wishes from the banks!

Associated Vendors

Event Planner: Primavera Dreams
Event Planner: Diana Da Ros
Personal Stylist: Beth Chapman
Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo
Calligrapher: Ellen Paul Art
Accomodations: Palazzo Garzoni
Jewelry: Gioielli Leonardo
Shoes: BV Milano
Dress Designer: Justin Alexander
Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Cad & The Dandy
Shoes: Sergio Rossi
Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes
Jewelry: Edera Jewelry
Beauty: Lisa Semenzato Makeup and Hair
Floral Designer: Munaretto Flowers
Accomodations: Hotel Danieli
Event Designer: Primavera Dreams
Photographer: Michael Zennaro Photography