A Jaw Dropping Elopement at Burney Falls

Rae and Chase had an epic, waterfall elopement at Burney Falls.

When they first reached out to me to shoot their wedding, I couldn’t be more excited.

Rae and Chase met in high school and have always taken the nontraditional route in life.

When they got engaged, they soon realized that planning a big wedding wasn’t for them, and instead, they wanted to elope.

They wanted to plan an epic day where the sole focus of their wedding was about them.

They went back and forth with different location ideas.

Between mountains, forests, and waterfalls, we decided to try to find a location that included all of those different sceneries into one.

We brainstormed different location ideas in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and more.

It was hard to narrow it down from these stunning locations.

However, the further we got ahead into the planning process, the more they realized that they wanted to stay close to home where they felt most comfortable.

Rae and Chase grew up in Northern California, so when I mentioned an elopement at Burney Falls, there was instant chemistry.

Back in high school, these two would make weekend trips out to the falls. However, the older they got, the less they did it.

After many months of planning, we met up on a crisp, fall day and started making our way to the base of the falls.

Surprisingly, we were the only people there, which is extremely rare, and just showed how much Burney Falls was the location for them.

Rae was wearing a stunning lace gown, and Chase, a black suit.

They exchanged vows at the base of the falls, explored the area they call home, and promised their lives to each other, all in front of one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

And in the words of Rae, “It was exactly how we pictured it.”


Associated Vendors

Event Venue: Burney Falls
Photographer: Brianna Parks Photography