Dreamy Beach Wedding in California

Dreamy Beach Wedding in California: The union of Jackie & Chris brings together two families from opposite sides of the country, as a new, blossoming family tree.

The Bride’s – a tight knit New England family through and through, thick blood coursing with homemade Italian Anisette cookies, pasta, and French-Canadian Hockey.

The Groom’s – a Californian and Mid-Western fusion, rooted in Irish and Scottish tradition, whose house frequently enjoys of UCLA football, board games & movie nights.

Interestingly enough, this marriage wouldn’t be possible without a little help from Syracuse University’s Basketball Team. Fate decided to place both Jackie & Chris at school there, but would not have them cross paths…yet.

No doubt they were frequenting the same bars on the weekends, and likely walked by each other at least once, bundled up in winter clothes – not knowing what the future would have in store for either of them.


After graduation, they both ended up pursuing careers in San Diego. Jackie, an IT Consultant, and Chris, an Engineer. Still apart, but somehow still yet tied together by the threads of fate, because of their common experience at Syracuse.

In 2016, Syracuse made a run for the basketball championship that inspired fans and alumni everywhere – especially on the distant west coast. It brought together hopeful “Orange folks”, who otherwise would never have met. It brought together Jackie and Chris. Syracuse didn’t win that year, but the two soon-to-be young lovers in San Diego most definitely did.

Associated Vendors

Reception Venue: Coronado marriot
Musicians: Brooksley Bishop Violinist
Makeup Artist: Mobile Beauty Team
Photographer: Pacific Vows