Des Moines Botanical Center Wedding

Inspired by the lights of Diwali, Max and Sujata created an intimate, Des Moines Botanical Center wedding that felt natural, warm, and romantic.

Surrounded by greenery, beneath a canopy of stars, and in front of a backdrop of light, they said their vows before 26 friends and family members.

It was a cross between a micro wedding an elopement, where the most important part of the day was focused on the vows and the quick reception was quick and light.

The couple began the evening with a first look, where they read each other private letters and took stunning portraits around the grounds.

Guests were greeted with a wooden cut out for a guest book and a canopy of lights in the ceremony area.

They took their seats amidst a candlelight aisle, and a live stream began to include Sujata’s family from India.

A string quartet played as the the couple walked down the aisle hand in hand.

Max’s parents helped them tie the knot with a handfasting, and his nieces handed them rings from handmade wooden ring boxes.

They exchanged vows in two different languages, and concluded the ceremony with a sweet kiss on the cheek.

To keep both families included across two different continents, they kept the live stream going for the next portion of the evening- a fun and spicy choreographed first dance.

Following a bit of dancing for everyone, Max, Sujata, and their guests enjoyed light appetizers for a quick thanks in the adjoining cafe.

This portion of the evening was light, breezy and easy.

Sujata stayed in her green dress, guests mixed and mingled freely over a mix of Indian and American apps, and light music played over the speakers.

It was a lovely evening filled with romance, light, and ease.

Associated Vendors

Officiant: Robin J Hesselgesser
Event Venue: Des Moines Botanical Center
Musicians: Cedar Valley Strings
Hair Stylist: Candescent Artistry
Cinema and Video: D. Barrett Studios
Event Planner: Bespoke Socials
Photographer: Corah B Photography