Delaney and Bennet’s Intimate Beach Wedding

Delaney and Bennet started their lives together during a pandemic in an intimate beach wedding. When COVID-19 hit, like most couples, Delaney and Bennet were faced with a tough decision to make. Move their entire wedding date, when it was just a few short weeks away, or get married regardless. They chose to have an intimate ceremony with just them, the officiant, and their photographers in April 2020. They face-timed their parents, loved ones, and friends. From the photographer: “We were so honored to photograph the love between these two, we even got to sign as the witness for their wedding which was a sweet moment.”

Even though it was just the two of them, they found small ways to make their intimate beach wedding special. From the bride: “Although we couldn’t have guests, we made it a point to FaceTime both of our families throughout the day. My bridal party and my mother video chatted with me while I had my hair and makeup done and Bennet was able to chat with each of his groomsmen before the ceremony. The most meaningful and emotional part of all of this was when we were able to Face Time my father before I walked down the aisle. There wasn’t a dry eye between us! It was so special for him to be able to see me since he wasn’t able to walk me down the aisle. After the ceremony, we celebrated with our families via video chat. Bennet’s family even surprised us by being dressed to the nines and having champagne in hand!”

In regards to advice for other 2020 couples, the bride said: “My advice would be to keep everything in perspective. I was told repeatedly throughout our wedding planning process, more specifically as our wedding planning was unraveling due to Covid-19, how well I was handling it all. My response was always that it’s nothing I can control and in the end, I would still end up married to Bennet, which was all the mattered. Was I disappointed that all my hard work and planning wasn’t able to come to fruition? Absolutely. Is there anything I would change about my wedding day? Not a thing. I was able to marry the love of my life. Everything else is just extra.”

Floral Designer: The Faux Bouquets\\Officiant: Sensational Ceremonies\\Makeup Artist: Kylelynn Cosmetics\\Cake Designer: Publix\\Bakery: Publix\\Dress Store: NY Bride & Groom Raleigh\\Event Venue: The Current Hotel\\Photographer: Lifelong Photography Studio