Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill Wedding

Despite planning their Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill wedding in the midst of Covid, Lida + Shaun managed to put together a day that was intimate, memorable, and full of energy.

Lida is from Saida, Lebanon, and incorporated pieces of home into the day through delicious food catered by Jasmine Grill. They also had live performances by the Faris El-Layl Dabke group and talented singer Kaldoon Kurdi and his instrumental band. Shaun’s Jamaican heritage was also represented through a special 4-tier cake.

It was such a joy to see the love that Lida and Shaun have for each other, and it was clear their family and friends were feeling it too and enjoying the high-energy vibe and special performances throughout the evening as they danced and celebrated alongside the bride and groom.

From the bride: Surprisingly the dress I envisioned myself in all these years was actually the complete opposite of what I ended up going for. The dress I chose was an A-line dress with a long train and cathedral-style veil with beaded embroidered lace along the edge. I really enjoyed the layers of my dress. Every layer served a unique aspect to the look. 

Shaun went with a classic black tuxedo with a white button-down that really complimented my dress well. The dress code of the wedding was formal/cocktail attire we felt as if that would really fit the aesthetic of the ballroom.

The moment I anticipated the most was getting ready one last time at my parents house. It was a bittersweet feeling. I knew that this day would entail my dad walking me out of the house as this was a tradition I could never emotionally prepare myself for.

This was also a big moment for Shaun because in a sense my dad was trusting him with his only daughter. He approved.

I remember my heart racing as I took the first few steps out of the house. Looking up I saw Shaun’s big smile at the end of the driveway and it put my mind at ease. I know we were both excited to finally celebrate with our friends and family.

Venue: Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Photographer: William Avery Photography