Carlos and Terry’s Comal Wedding

From the bride: A Comal wedding fit our vision and was very “us”.

This feeling was so important, that we canceled our original venue in a garden to get it just right. 

From the start, we knew we wanted to get married in the fall. It reminded us of some of our most memorable dates in the past 12 years.

The hints of blue and orange throughout Comal wedding venue matched my vision perfectly.

Being surrounded by nature was an important factor to me.

Our floral, photo locations, and the outside patio were a way for me to incorporate natural elements.

The venue felt like home with a modern touch. Oh, and a full bar!

Although we didn’t have any culturally-specific traditions integrated into the ceremony, it was so special to have my brother officiate the wedding.

He is someone who has seen us grow together and knows us well. 

It being November and so close to Day of the Dead, we added a few nods to the beautiful tradition.

We had marigolds, our skeleton cake topper, and a picture of our brother, Jacob, who continues to be a reminder to “live it up.”

We loved working with our florist, Imelda, from Lester’s Flowers!

She understood our vision to keep our flowers colorful, bold, and green. Incorporating blue thistles, orange marigolds, and burgundy dahlias with our favorite fillers did the trick.

To make Comal wedding venue feel even more special, we added lanterns with gold tops and gold frames with pictures of our decade together.

We gifted our guests shot glasses that they could use at the bar. It’s a known fact that if you agree to catch-up with us, “we’ll meet you at the bar.”

Music was a big part of our upbringing, so our favorite, old-school Latin songs were an inspiration to the dance playlist.

The late-night tacos were also a must since we usually head to a taco stand in the Mission after a night of drinking.

I only get a sweet tooth at night, so an array of desserts made the cut.

We had 3 different flavored cakes and 3 desserts: cookies, flan, and pudding.

Lastly, we made a pit stop at the comic book shop next door to Comal, Fantastic Comics.

Collecting comic books is one of Carlos’ favorite hobbies and one of our shared interests.

Since high school, he has made sure to keep me updated on my favorite character’s storyline and summarize the latest “happenings” weekly.

We kept it simple and let the experience speak for itself.

We did our best to follow what every married couple told us to do, which was “Do what makes you happy. The wedding is for you, and not anyone else.”

From the smiles in our pictures to the videos of our not-so-great party moves, we couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Associated Vendors

Floral Designer: Lester’s Flower Shop
Cake Designer: SusieCakes
Event Venue: Comal
Photographer: Apollo Fotografie {Fine Art Wedding Photo & Video}