Colorful Floral Wedding in Detroit

Back in June, I had the amazing privilege of co-hosting a gorgeous Colorful Floral Wedding at the Jam Handy in Detroit, Michigan. My friend and colleague and I were able to partner with some amazing vendors and bring our vision to life for other photographers to capture.

I’ve been very picky over the last few years with the styled shoots that I attend, because I want to make sure I’m creating work that my future clients would love. But it’s so stinkin nice to be able to create for myself as well. I find that when I have creative control and the time to focus, that’s when I can create some amazing work.

When you’re not in the rush and throws of a wedding day, I find that I’m able to really let my creativity come to life. And I’m so excited for future clients to see what they could possibly do on their own wedding day!

That was one of the main goals Mikayla and I had for this shoot. We want to show couples what’s possible. We want to show couples ideas they could incorporate into their own day, while also introducing them to vendors they can partner with for their wedding day!

Another goal we had for this shoot was creating a space for other photographers to also have free creative reign, while also helping each other get amazing photos. That was why we kept the number of attendees so small. We wanted everyone involved to be able to take their time and not feel rushed. And it gave them time to really get into the groove with the couples we had working with us. It truly was an amazing day. And to see our vision become a reality and hear how much everyone enjoyed the day. Truly nothing like it!

This day would not have been possible without the amazing vendors we were able to partner with!

Associated Vendors

Equipment Rentals: Grand Rapids Chiavari Co.
Design and Decor: Pair-a-docs Rentals
Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Dunhill Tuxedos
Dress Store: Timeless Bridal Botique
Event Venue: Jam Handy
Photographer: Aliscia Marie Photography, LLC