Chateau des Charmes wedding

Hello, our new friend! Do you want us to guess what you like the most? You love fairy tales! How do we guess? It is so obvious! Everyone who plans a Chateau des Charmes wedding and visits this page loves fairy tales.

The happy, loving couple decided never to go apart and celebrate their wedding. Ideen and Mary walked through the castle’s halls for a long time and admired their beauty. Then they wanted to explore the areas nearby. And where the bride’s foot stepped, have flowers and vines growing up.

The rest of the guests arrived at Chateau des Charmes Niagara on the Lake wedding. Many guests did not even suspect that the Chateau des Charmes winery Niagara is so ideally suited for a wedding.

The venue is famous not only for the best wines in Canada; it is a very picturesque and romantic place. Everything at the ball amazes you with its luxury: artfully laid tables, delicious dishes and, of course, the best French wines!

Ideen and Mary celebrated a magical and classic Niagara winery wedding.

All the guests were surprised by the beauty of the bride’s designer snow-white dress as she walked down the stairs to the hall. The bridesmaids wore dresses in soft, flowing fabrics.

Of course, there was some magic at the ball: romantic melodies played on the harp added a remarkable glance.

But it’s not a time to become sad for you. We will help you create your own fairy tale at the most suitable place for fairy tale lovers.

Associated Vendors

Dress Designer: Cathy Telle
Event Venue: Chateau des Charmes
Photographer: Astora Studio | Toronto Wedding Photography