Bridgewater Manor Wedding

Congratulations to Ureem and Nehel on their Bridgewater Manor wedding! This lovely couple tied the knot on March 19th, 2021 at the Bridgewater Manor wedding venue. Our top wedding photographers in North Jersey had a blast capturing their beautiful ceremony.

First, the day began with prep. Ureem spent the morning getting ready for her big day. She started by having her hair and makeup done.

When she was finished, it was time for her to get dressed. Ureem looked stunning in her long, mauve colored, beaded gown. So beautiful!

Nehel also spent his morning getting ready for his big day. His navy jacket matched Ureem’s dress perfectly. We are so glad that our top wedding photographers in North Jersey were able to capture their morning!

Next, it was time for the ceremony. Ureem walked up the aisle, captivating all of her guests. She met Nehel at the front of the aisle, and held hands with her soon to be husband.

They took turns exchanging their vows, and when they were finished, they were finally pronounced husband and wife! How exciting!

As the couple was exiting out of the ceremony, their guests threw rose petals at them. How romantic!

Finally, it was time for the couple to cut their cake. Together, Ureem and Nehel cut a slice of their beautifully decorated cake. They fed each other a bite, before heading outside of the ballroom for more photography.

The cute couple took some shots on the grand staircase, then they headed outside. They posed for some pictures in the gardens, and finally ended their night by taking some fun shots in the gazebo.

Congratulations again to Ureem and Nehel on their wedding! Our top wedding photographers in North Jersey had a wonderful time photographing their wedding. We absolutely love all of the captures from their special day!

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Event Venue: Bridgewater Manor
Photographer: Enchanted Celebrations