Belmont Mansion Wedding

Kristen and TJ got married on their 10 year anniversary after having to postpone their Belmont Mansion wedding by a year due to COVID and the venue not doing ceremonies.

Their wedding day was for sure a tale as old as time from the small details that each of them had to make their day special to the guests that attended their day to show their support of their love story.

TJ and Kristen chose to have an intimate ceremony at the Belmont Mansion in Nashville, Tennessee and they were surrounded by their loved ones. The evening ended with a small group at the JW Marriott where we toasted to their new chapter and spent the evening celebrating the couple.

From the bride: Our wedding took place at Belmont Mansion wedding venue, which is a museum during the day and a wedding venue at night.  It’s already nicely decorated as is, with tall columns and statues throughout.

Our flowers were breathtaking.  The main flower was peony and we wanted eucalyptus everywhere!  Both the bridal bouquet and the reception centerpieces contained a combination of peonies, seeded and silver dollar eucalyptus, and garden roses.

Other parts of the house outside of the main ceremony and reception location were full of eucalyptus only.  For the backdrop of our ceremony, the Mansion has beautiful bay windows that have a “Beauty and the Beast” vibe to them.

If I had to choose one favorite part, it would be hearing the harp play “A Tale as Old as Time” and walking down the grand staircase and overlooking the scene before me,  my groom standing in front of these gorgeous bay windows and all my loved ones around. It was just heart-melting and breathtaking.

Advice for your wedding day: Do not get sidetracked with wedding drama.  Unfortunately, weddings can bring the worst out in people you would least expect.  Remember that it’s their issue, not yours.  Remember your why.  Why are you marrying this person?  Focus on the love and joy of the day.  Be grateful for the day.

Associated Vendors

Ceremony Location: Belmont Mansion
Reception Venue: Belmont Mansion
Photographer: Diana Marie Photography