Bear Lake Elopement

We chose a Bear Lake Elopement because we did not want the stress of traditional wedding planning. Neither of us likes being the center of attention, and we really wanted to just do our own thing. We wanted the day to be stress-free, and it was. Everything was better than we could have imagined and we could not have asked for a more perfect day.

“We met at the gym. While taking a class together, we were both finishing up difficult sets when we made eye contact and Adam said, “You know what sounds good right now? Pancakes.” I agreed, we went out for pancakes, talked for hours, and the rest is history.

We chose Rocky Mountain National Park because we both love hiking and being outdoors. The idea of getting married in the Rocky Mountains in December sounded so adventurous and beautiful to us, there was never a question. We also got engaged in Great Smoky Mountains National Park the year before and we thought another mountain range would be perfect for our wedding day.”

Associated Vendors

Other Location: Bear Lake
Event Planner: Marry Me in Colorado
Officiant: Brandon Baker
Event Planner: Simply Eloped
Photographer: A. Light Photography