Bailee and Jack’s Bar Peached Wedding

Bailee and Jack got married in October 2019 at Bar Peached. The venue is a unique wedding space in Austin, Texas offering a laid-back atmosphere and an outdoor patio with a historic tree. It’s over 100 years old!

From the photographer: “They opted for a very intimate downtown wedding with only immediate family. Every aspect of their wedding day was a unique representation of their love and their story. They exchanged vows standing in a sea of candles, surrounded by their close family members. They literally tied the knot in the ceremony as a white and red rope was tied around their hands as a representation of their connection.”

Instead of a traditional wedding gown, Bailee wore a classy and elegant jumpsuit that complemented Jack’s light grey suit perfectly.

“It was wonderful to have such a close, meaningful celebration of our marriage with our family,” said the newlyweds.

It was beautiful to see how Bailee and Jack stayed close to themselves. After their first look, they grabbed coffee at Royal Blue and headed to the ceremony, which was done in a modern style in the midst of downtown Austin.

Bailee and Jack’s advice for other couples is to stay close to yourself. “Remember that it is your wedding— make it yours however you see fit, regardless of others’ opinions. Enjoy your day!”

Accommodations: Hotel Van Zandt//Ceremony Location: Coconut Club//Reception Venue: Bar Peached//Beauty: Whitney Alexis//Photographer: Nikk Nguyen Photo