Acme 5 Hidden Ranch

Duncan and Annelise had wanted a small, intimate wedding to escape being the center of attention for a prolonged period of time and to avoid the tight deadlines that a traditional wedding could entail. They chose Acme 5 Hidden Ranch wedding venue for their event.

Also, “Duncan and I tend to struggle at larger weddings with all of the ceremonial traditions that have to do with family members that we’ve lost (father/daughter dances, speeches from siblings, etc.).”

As noted of importance for Duncan and Annelise was to have plenty of photographs with their beloved dog Wallace, as well as to take some photographs with their self-converted camper van.

Because of this, their dream wedding came in the form of eloping on the trail in Joshua Tree National Park and then settling into their gorgeous AirBnB with their closest family and friends.

After we had gathered for them to share vows, a sound bath, and even a poem written by grandma at their wedding location, everyone headed back to the Air BnB for food, drinks, and hanging out by the fire.

Dinner was especially special, having had a personal chef cater to the family before Duncan and Annelise escaped one last time for some star photography before ending their evening.

Associated Vendors

Musicians: Soluna Rise
Event Venue: Acme 5 Hidden Ranch
Caterer: Private Chef V
Jewelry: Marrow Fine Jewelry
Dress Designer: Rue De Seine
Photographer: Adventure and Vow