3M Curve Wedding

This stunning, 3M Curve wedding in Estes Park, Colorado is truly like walking through a winter wonderland.

“Anthony and I met in high school. We were friends throughout high school and finally went on a date our senior year and from that first date on, we’ve been inseparable! We’ll be celebrating 12 years together this year! We got engaged July 4, 2020 and originally planned on a 10/23/2021 wedding in our hometown of Dallas, TX.

Being in the height of the pandemic and not knowing when things would get back to “normal”, my anxiety was through the roof while trying to plan our wedding. Since we were dealing with a lot of uncertainty with the pandemic, I decided to look into the option of eloping.

I came across Simply Eloped and immediately knew we had to go this route. I asked Anthony if he was on board and he gave me the “Heck Yeah” stamp of approval. We made that decision in early September and had it all planned out through the site by mid-September!

After looking through all of the locations, we decided to go with Colorado! We had planned a trip to Colorado the year prior (2019) but had to cancel due to work. We both had never been but heard so many good things about Estes Park, CO.

We also decided to get married in December and knew we had a great chance of it snowing (which it did!). Overall, it was a flawless and epic day that I wish we could live over and over again.”

Associated Vendors

Ceremony Location: 3M Curve wedding
Floral Designer: The Enchanted Florist
Officiant: Brandon Baker
Event Planner: Simply Eloped
Photographer: Walnut Street Photography