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Digital Inspiration
from Wedding Chicks

March 12, 2014

Modern Weddings spoke with Wedding Chicks about their blog creation and its continued influence in the wedding world.

When Wedding Chicks started, bridal blogs were not yet the powerhouse that they are now. What made you decide to go down this digital road?

We were ready to move out of photography and invitation design, and one day, while chatting via flip phones, Wedding Chicks was born.

Blogs like yours have helped transform the world of wedding planning. Why do you think wedding blogs have become so influential? 

When we hear that, it’s quite emotional for us. We started out as two girls making a pretty blog, not knowing what it would become, but blogs like ours have become so influential because they are a daily—and sometimes hourly—source of inspiration for every aspect of a wedding.

You probably look at hundreds of weddings every day. What still inspires you about them?

We’re okay with looking at the same thing over and over. Although it may be familiar to us, it’s more than likely “new” and exciting to the newly engaged.


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Mother (And Daughter) Knows Best

March 11, 2014
Mother (And Daughter) Knows Best

The two-generation team at Kate and Campbell shares wisdom for brides-to-be and their moms 

Wedding-planning duo Barb Campbell and Kate Ferguson have a unique perspective when it comes to working with bridal clients and their mothers: they’ve been through it themselves. Combining daughter Ferguson’s business savvy and mother Campbell’s creativity, the two formed Kate and Campbell Creative Weddings and Events in Atlanta.

“We’ve found that it’s very reassuring for [clients] when they see that there are two of us,” Campell says. “The moms relate to me and the brides relate to Katie. I’ve been an MOB and understand the mom’s role, and Katie was married about four-and-a-half years ago, so she knows just what the bride is experiencing.”

What else have they learned? Campbell offers insight for sharing (and sometimes surviving) your wedding planning with Mom:

“Communication is key. Talk it out. That’s important for us, for the couple, for the mom and daughter. When there’s an issue, take a deep breath and talk it through.”

“When they don’t see eye to eye, it’s usually about budget, the guest list, or the ‘look’ of the wedding. Yes, we pick up on this right away! There will be some subtle, or not-so-subtle, eye rolling! There might be a few snappy responses when the mom makes a suggestion or two. Then the mom might call me and vent, and the bride might call Katie and vent, and we talk them off the cliff and all is well.”

“Sometimes mom and daughter have a completely different vision for the wedding. Mom wants elegant and traditional, for example, and the bride wants something a little trendier. We try to help find that happy medium for them, whether it’s using bolder colors in a traditional way or using elegant flowers in more contemporary arrangements.”

“This is such a special time for a mom and her daughter. As a mom, it’s an opportunity to work closely together with your daughter, to shop with her, to do crafty things together, to communicate constantly…how often do we get those chances with our adult children? To moms, I suggest taking a deep breath and remembering that this is your daughter’s wedding. Suggest ideas. Vent to your planner, and have your planner tactfully offer your suggestions!

For daughters, remember that as much as mom and dad would like you to have everything you dream of, sometimes they just can’t afford to do so. Be grateful for what they can provide. Ask us about ways to get the look you want for less. Let your mom share this excitement with you, even if you have to bite your lip at times. It’s all worth it when you walk down the aisle and your mom and dad have shared this exciting time with you.”


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Inspiration Shoot:
Geometry of Indie Wed

July 25, 2013

A small bespoke gown designer, an artist who silkscreens wedding invitations in their studio, a fun, local band– these are just a few examples of the types of artisans available at Indie Wed, the longest running independent wedding show in the country. For a quick look at the product of this “wedding planning… redefined,”  check out the angle Indie Wed producer Kelly Maron Horvath took on this shapely shoot.


Modern Weddings: For people who aren’t familiar with Indie Wed, can you tell us how this wedding event is different from the rest?

Kelly Maron Horvath: Unlike most traditional ballroom wedding expos, Indie Wed only features smaller independent businesses. The show is also curated, meaning we hand pick from a pool of applications to ensure a diverse and interesting selection of vendors. We don’t just stick our vendors in little trade show booths, but instead we allow them to create unique displays where attendees have the ability to actually experience their goods or services rather than just snag business cards. Each event offers guests a fun filled day that can include gourmet foods and sweets to sample, craft beers and signature cocktails, live bands and DJ’s, current fashion trends, and so much more.What also makes Indie Wed stand apart from every other bridal show is that many of our artisans are actually selling their goods on the spot. So if you see that one of a kind necklace you must have for your big day, you can get it right there at the show.

MW: What can brides expect to learn or find at Indie Wed?

KMH: Indie Wed is a great resource to not only find out who the up and coming talents are in the wedding industry, but it is also a place to be inspired. There is not one corner of Indie Wed where you wont find something interesting to look at. While we hope you will find several amazing vendors for your wedding day, what you will certainly leave with is a head spinning with creative ideas for transforming your event.

MW: Who do you think this event is best for: Brides or Bridal Industry Professionals?

KMH: Both. For couples, I guarantee this show will be different than all the other big wedding shows you go to. What many people don’t know is that many of those “expo” type events allow anyone to participate as long as they can pay the expensive booth fees. Our event is carefully curated and I am proud of the fact that we actively support independent businesses by focusing more on the quality of the vendor. The wedding pros also benefit since those who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to exhibit at a large event due to prohibitive costs, can find an affordable space at our event, knowing they are in the company of other like-minded business owners. Better yet, because we appeal to attendees who appreciate handmade, artisan, or otherwise unique wares, vendors know that they will have a much better chance of appealing to a more targeted audience. It is really a win-win for all.

MW: Tell us how you came up with the inspiration for this shoot.

KMH: I was really hung up on geometrics towards the end of last year and started working on all the artwork for the summer show around the same time, which led to wanting a few promo shots with a model or two to help with the show marketing. As I started planning it out more, I decided it might be fun to just do a big production with an awesome team. I contacted a bunch of my favorite Indie Wed vendors and the shoot developed from there.

MW: What was the most fun part about designing the shoot? Your favorite element?

KMH: Overseeing and art directing everything is really fun. I think I’ve got the art directing bug because I already have another shoot forming in my head. I loved hand picking all the vendors to work with and while the initial concept was mine, it really was a team effort. Everyone involved with the shoot, from the vendors to the models, are all a part of Indie Wed in some way, either as regularly participating vendors or staff members. The shoot is the epitome of what Indie Wed is all about and really shows off what you can find at our events.







Be sure to check out IndieWed’s second Summer Indie Wed show on Sunday, July 28 in Chicago.

We can’t wait to see you there!


Concept & Art Direction: Kelly Maron Horvath from Indie Wed

Photography: Amanda Megan Miller Photography

Styling & decor:Jayne Weddings & Events

Cake, mini-cakes & cookies: Elysia Root Cakes

Chocolate bon-bons & dipped marshmallows: truffle truffle

Florals: Pollen

Dresses: Mignonette Bridal

Jewelry: Glint & Gleam

Hair: Debra Petrielli

Make-up: Jennifer Brown

Bow tie & neck tie: DIBI Ties

Suits: Dessy

Stationery, cut paper garland, cake topper, placecard holders: Paper Stories

Rentals: Tablescapes

Venue: room 1520

Models: Mary Nisi (bride) of Toast & Jam DJ’s,  Kelly Connolly (bridesmaid) of Nimble Well,  Erin Coleman (bridesmaid) of Indie Wed John Pirnat (groom), Matt Gassman (groomsman) of The Traveling Photo Booth

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Inspiration Shoot:
Glitter Meets Gatsby

July 22, 2013

There is no better time to theme your wedding like glamourous, circa 1920’s swaray, and that’s why this ‘Glitter meets Gatsby’ inspiration shoot by Teresa Fernandez of Simply Couture Weddings & Events and photography by Mirelis Sanchez of Brown Eyed Photographer is nothing short of magical. With plenty of glimmering gold table accents, elegant, sophisticated details, and bubbly champagne to pop, this wedding is a summer celebration fit for a Gatsby.

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby


8dVKzw04D1EDpR1hsFyabrOh_3ds3s1GYBJnSpmEhXwAJfb3JUA1dYapivhzoNbLp6mz1svYqWM81gyUhDJZqs caOsHbug1JgRASuOtypgbN9I2BPcBAbMgFz04IiNsmQ






Locations: The Colony Hotel

Photography: Mirelis Sanchez of Brown Eyed Photographer

Michael Burgos Films

Invitations: Chirp Papery

Flowers: Simply Flowers

Make-up: GS Makeup Artistry

Furniture: Atlas Party Rentals

Cake & Desserts: Xpressive Design ,The Sugar Monkey

Mint Love Social Club

KM Calligraphy

Goose Grease

Models: Giselle and Bill Shock



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Design + Decor :: Petite Petals

June 27, 2013

Who says big floral arrangements are the only way to achieve a beautiful wedding tabletop? Not us! We’ve collected eight sweet-and-simple examples that prove gorgeous things can come in small packages. 


_MG_6363Fleur du Jour, Chicago, IL.


jkang_100905_0030Fleur du Jour, Chicago, IL. 


blog251Flowers by Semia, Providence, RI. Photo by SNAP! Weddings Photography


ajp-22Holly Heider Chapple Flowers, Loudoun County, VA. Photo by Abby Jiu Photography.


events_large11Petals + Hedges, Charlestown Pike Paeonian Springs, VA. Photo by Vicki Grafton Photography.


Snap-Photography-73.jpg3Flowers by Semia, Providence, RI. Photo by SNAP! Weddings Photography


007577-R1-015Bash, Please, Culver City, CA. Photo by Tec Petaja Photography.


Centerpieces-meganPetals + Hedges, Charlestown Pike Paeonian Springs, VA. Photo by Joyeuse Photography


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Event :: A Night at Brides, Bubbles and Bliss

May 10, 2013

Brides, Bubbles and Bliss co-producers Cara and Scott Nava of Carasco Photography held the 4th annual over-the-top affair at Bridgeport Art Center’s airy Skyline Loft

Like a magazine brought to life, the event included beautiful floral and tablescape designed by Revel Decor, Soiree Weddings & Events, Ashland Addison Floral and Event Decor and Sugar Chic Designs. Veuve Clicquot kept kept the guest’s champagne flutes brimming, while Jewell Events Catering provided small bites full of savory enjoyment.

A few additions to this year’s avant garde event included a beauty bar by Jouer Cosmetics and a U.S. runway debut of Ersa Atelier couture gowns, courtesy of Dimitra’s Bridal. See more from the blissful event below!

Images courtesy of Carasco Photography





























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Stations With a Twist
Creative dinner stations make one wedding spectacular

April 22, 2013

SE2_Blueprint Studios_Blueprint Studios_Banner_FINAL


It can be hard to make cuisines from all over the globe seems cohesive. But at one San Francisco wedding, the bride and groom played up their dinner’s diversity by creating a thematic “Restaurant Row.” Bay Area props and decor design firm Blueprint Studios built five restaurant booths from scratch to set the scene, theming each around a distinct cuisine. “There was a sushi station, a patisserie, a coffee shop, a tavern, and an Indochinese cocktail bar,” says Camila Pinzon of Blueprint. Plush settees and mirrored low tables casually arranged in front of the stations allowed guests to enjoy their dinner in an equally whimsical style. “Everything about this wedding was special,” Pinzon says. “The decor created the right ambience and made a stunning impression.”



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Design & Decor :: Twenty Pages

March 11, 2013

Graphic designer Vincent Merlin and his wife turned their wedding into a cover op with their custom-created magazines Twenty Pages. Here, he shares his design inspiration.                        

TP-jolie-WP TP-spark-WP

WBD: How did you come up with the initial idea to make personalized magazines for wedding couples? 

Vincent Merlin: Twenty Pages was born from the needs of our own wedding in France. We wanted to share our story and the big day logistics with our guests. Since we had a destination wedding, it was hard to convey all the information to our guests in a fun and simple way. We considered many things, but still felt that it didn’t fit our needs. So, we created our magazine and the guests loved how fun and practical it was—from the maps to the “top things to do” to the “what to wear” section. It made their experience much more enjoyable and stress free.

WBD: You have three different magazine designs—what inspired these versions?

VM: All our designers are based in Paris and their work is naturally inspired by the latest trends in France, but they also keep a close eye on what is going on in the U.S. We currently have three magazine styles:  Whim was designed for the timeless romantic in all of us, Spark was inspired by of-the-moment French fashion magazines and meant for those who love to be on the cutting-edge, and Jolie has a vintage and nostalgic feel.

WBD: What do you hope that couples get out of making their own wedding magazine?

VM: We hope that couples tell their story and share the romance with their wedding guests. Our customers always tell us that the magazine is a big hit at their wedding; it added an unexpected touch and was fun to put together, as well.

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Welcome to Modern Weddings

March 6, 2013

Welcome brides, bridal industry professionals, and those obsessed with all things wedding!

Some of you might be familiar with our sister publication Design Bureau, which covers all disciplines of design through inspiring and engaging dialogue. Now, we’ve taken our love for all things design and turned it toward the world of weddings. We are proud to introduce you to our latest title, Modern Weddings. It’s a place where wedding industry insiders and brides alike can come to find fresh design inspiration for the big day.

Take a look around our new site, chock full of ideas, inspiration, and (of course) awesome design. We’ve hand-picked the top wedding industry power players to showcase their best works, including Mindy Weiss, Angel Sanchez, Elizabeth Messina, and more. Plus, we’ve sourced some of the most gorgeous real weddings, whether it’s a modern museum fete or chic garden nuptials.

So read on in the days and weeks to come—we’ve got a lot in store! And if you’re like us and think it’s hard to beat a good old fashioned magazine, you can head here to purchase your own copy. Modern Weddings is your new source for the best, brightest, and most beautiful design in the wedding industry.

Photo by Chantal Andrea,

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