Who Grooms The Groomsmen? Choosing The Gifts For Your Guys

There’s no doubt that when a close friend gets married, we all dream of being the best man. Compadre numero uno! The dude who gets to stand up and make a speech, make everyone laugh and leave a lasting impression on a room of people, many of whom you’ve known for years, some of whom you’ll never meet again. It’s far and away the best fun : responsibility ratio of any major role in a wedding ceremony. But while we all hold our best man (or perspective best man) dear in our hearts, let’s spare a thought for the groomsmen. These guys are also important; lifelong friends who you want to see up there with you sharing in your big day.

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But it’s your responsibility to ensure that your groomsmen are rewarded and looked after for their support, love and care. It’s up to you to groom the groomsmen, if you will. It can seem like a real struggle to come up with inventive, unique and thoughtful gift ideas for groomsmen so here are a few great ideas to get you started. Remember that you don’t have to get them uniform gifts (although you can certainly choose to)…

Pop these gifts into a cool gift bag. You could add in some little extras, like snacks for the day, or for groomsmen from out of town, add a city guide, like ‘things to do in Nashville’ with ideas with what to do for the rest of their time in your area.

Get them over a barrel

Do you have a groomsman who loves their real ales, or is a connoisseur of fine whiskeys. That guy who can spend hours discussing the finer differences between a sour mash whiskey and a Kentucky bourbon yet never actually seems to get drunk? Personalized oak whiskey barrels make great groomsmen gift ideas for these guys. Plus handing it over to them during the speeches will make for a cute and fun moment that everyone can enjoy.

Personalized hip flask boxes

Sometimes the packaging is as important as the contents and so it is with these charming hip flasks available from Home Wet Bar. Complete with hip flask (which can be engraved for further personalization), glass tumbler and a glug of whisky to go with it the box also contains a personalized message within. A great gift to give prior to the wedding as the party suits up!

Monogrammed Men’s Handkerchief

Bring back handkerchiefs by giving your guys these classy monogrammed men’s hankies because real men are always ready for any situation. The hankies can add detail to their groomsmen attire and are handy accessories for wiping their face or hands. And if they get teary-eyed watching their pal marrying the love of his life, the hankies will take care of the waterworks.

Monogrammed Cufflinks

A gentleman can never have too many cufflinks and these are a great way to commemorate the occasion and can even be used on the big day itself. They can be monogrammed or engraved with the date of your wedding or a short thank-you message. Whichever option you choose, every time your groomsman dresses for a special occasion he’ll smile in remembrance of your big day as he snaps on his cufflinks.

Monogrammed BBQ grilling set

What man doesn’t consider himself the king of the grill whenever the sun rears its head? If you have a groomsman who rarely ventures into the kitchen but becomes a virtuoso when the barbecue is wheeled into the garden, this bamboo and metal three-piece barbecue set comes in a charming monogrammed bamboo case to bring memories of your big day rushing back whenever they fire up the grill.

Any of these is a thoughtful and useful gift for the groomsmen that they’ll enjoy for years to come.

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