Bridesmaids Gifts for a Better Bachelorette Weekend

When you ask your relatives and friends to be bridesmaids, you are telling them that they are important figures in your life. And when you ask your relatives and friends to come to your bachelorette weekend, you are telling them that they deserve an incredibly wild and wonderfully fun time with you before your wedding.

It is traditional to shower your bridal party with gifts to show your gratitude, and your bachelorette weekend is yet another occasion for bountiful generosity. Here are a few ideas for party favors to offer at your bachelorette party to keep everyone feeling their best for the full duration of celebrations:

Hair Ties

Whenever a group of women get together, there is bound to be too much hair to handle. Girls can never have too many hair ties, especially during a wild weekend away. You can find special bridal hair ties that unite your crew, invest in personalized scrunchies for each member of your party or a standard pack of black elastics that get the job done.

Tote Bag

A canvas tote will help your bridesmaids haul all the bachelorette swag you are giving them, and it will likely come in handy on your wedding day when they need to collect together their non-wedding clothing, jewelry, footwear and the like. The best thing about tote bags is you can customize them in all sorts of different ways, from embroidering them with your loved ones’ names to screen printing pictures or graphics to remind your bridal party of their fun weekend away. You can find deluxe totes with leather straps or recycled canvas bags for environmental impact. It is impossible to have too many tote bags, and a tote bag is an essential gift for a bachelorette weekend.

Makeup Bag

These small pouches make it easy to carry around daily makeup essentials, like moisturizers, blotting papers and mascara, or to pack daily makeup products for a trip. Then again, makeup bags can be useful to everyone, not just those who wear makeup. If you have members of your party who aren’t the makeup type, they can use these pouches for carrying anything, from toiletries to jewelry to pens and more. You should consider personalizing your bridal party makeup bags with printed or embroidered names, so no bags get mixed up on your Big Day.


The key to looking and feeling confident is having clear skin. Even if you aren’t lavishing your bridal party with a spa weekend, you can all enjoy sumptuous skin with a few key skincare gifts, such as:

  • Hydrating masks. Sheet masks hold moisturizing agents against the skin for an extended period, blasting the skin with hydration to help it plump up and glow.
  • Lip balm. Chapped lips are a common occurrence during weekends away from home, so having a thick and hydrating lip balm can be key for comfort.
  • Skin tools. Rollers made from stones, dermaplaning razors, light therapy wands and face brushes are all useful and fun tools for great skin.

Water Bottles

Speaking of hydration, it can be tricky to get enough water on a bachelorette weekend. Between the extra alcohol, the late nights and the comfort food from restaurants, many of your bridesmaids might start to feel parched. Gifts of custom water bottles printed with your wedding hashtag, wedding date, bachelorette party location and more can be fun tokens to remind your bridesmaids of the exciting experiences they enjoyed on this weekend away. Plus, they can use the bottles throughout the weekend to stay fully hydrated and ready for festivities.


Whether or not you believe that crystals have healing properties — as many ancient cultures did — or you just like the look of these pretty rocks, you can slip a few of these special stones into your bridesmaids’ baskets for your bachelorette weekend. Different crystals boast different meanings. Some crystals that offer the right vibes for your bachelorette bash include:

  • Rose quartz
  • Citrine
  • Aventurine
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Sunstone
  • Amethyst
  • Tiger’s eye
  • Red jasper

Your bridesmaids would do anything for you, and you should do what you can to ensure they have fun and feel comfortable during your bachelorette weekend. If that means stuffing a custom tote with some skincare, some hair ties, some crystals and a water bottle, then you should celebrate such a small price for the best friends and family members around.