Pretty Personalised Wedding Gifts For Those That Love a Unique Present

Many wedding invitations these days come with a wedding registry. But what happens when they don’t? Or maybe your friends have chosen to elope, so you want a little gift to give when they return. Perhaps you aren’t able to attend the wedding, but you still want to send a present along. Personalised gifts are a thoughtful and quirky way to celebrate a wedding. If you haven’t got a big budget, they are also an affordable way to show you care.


The Personalised Print

Commissioning a personalised print of the wedding venue is a beautiful way to mark the bride and groom’s special day. Once you know the venue you can send a beautiful photograph of the site to a supplier. They will then turn it into an enchanting sketch print for you to gift. You are also able to include a frame and a personal message. offer some super choices and include international delivery. Double portraits are also available to include the church and the reception. Ship your gift to the bride and groom before or after the wedding as they won’t want to haul presents home after the big day.

Quirky Personal Gifts

If the bride and groom are quirky, fun and cool, why not get something personalized that they can share? Check out these creative gift ideas for funky gifts that are individual and have some meaning. If the bride and groom are foodies why not buy his and hers personalized aprons or bride and groom wine stoppers? If they have a cheeky sense of humour why not include some bride and groom themed toilet paper! It sounds bizarre, but it’s sure to ignite a giggle or two. And this is, after all, a time for laughter and celebration. Nobody wants to get too serious at a wedding, right!

Luxury Monogram

If you aren’t on a budget and you want to go extravagant, many luxury brands offer personalized luggage. This a great gift to give before the wedding, so that the bride and groom can take their new suitcases on honeymoon. Longchamp and Louis Vuitton offer beautifully designed personalized luggage for the ultimate wedding present. Remember to check in advance how the bride and groom like their monogram. They may prefer two initials, or their middle initial to be included too. Don’t forget to use the bride’s married name! If you don’t want to go for full-on luggage, why not consider personalised luggage tags and passport holders instead? Luxury British brand Smythson make some very stylish monogrammed leather passport holders. If you can’t stretch to luxury luggage, monogram towels and bath robes are also a beautiful gift for brides and grooms setting up a new home together. Choose plush, fluffy white towels and Egyptian cotton robes. Neiman Marcus offers some great six-piece set Egyptian cotton towels that can be personalized. They also offer baby towels with personalization. So if the bride and groom have children already, this is a perfect little extra gift to give.


Submitted on behalf of Modern Weddings