Chelsea & Cameron in Beautiful Lace

Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0797_lowToday’s romanic southern plantation wedding happened at Magnolia Gardens in Charleston, North Carolina by photography company Valerie & Co. Photographers.  We loved the lace and drapery theme throughout the celebration! From the Bride & Groom:

Chelsea Hébert and Cameron Moore- married July 19th, 2014 at Magnolia Gardens. Our love story started over three years ago. Cameron is from Knoxville, Tennessee, and moved to Charleston for a landscaping job, not knowing a soul. I was born and raised in Charleston, but wanted to meet new people.Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HebertMooreWedding0053_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0953_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0497_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0417_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0410_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0407_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0404_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0387_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0373_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0372_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0369_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HerbertMooreWedding0308_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HebertMooreWedding0116_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HebertMooreWedding0062_low Hebert_Moore_Valerie_amp_Co_Photographers_HebertMooreWedding0037_low In May 2011, we both decided to take a chance, and joined the online dating site, Plenty of Fish. From that first date to the Riverdog’s game, we knew we had found something truly special. We instantly felt comfortable with each other, and every moment was filled with talking and laughing. We became pretty inseparable after that!On May 19th, 2013 after two years of dating, he popped the question at the end of my parent’s dock on John’s Island- one of our favorite places to spend time. When he opened the box, I was blown away. I may be partial, but I think it’s the most gorgeous engagement ring on the planet! It is unique, romantic, and vintage.

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