Here Are 5 Subscription Boxes You Need for Wedding Planning

Let’s face it. Wedding planning can be a stressful activity. You need to ensure that everything is okay before your big day arrives. If you are a bit shy about starting your wedding preparation process, you can get the hype you need by subscribing to a reliable wedding subscription box company.

Most brides find it difficult to locate a company they love since there are many options in the market for you. Therefore, we have combined a list of five companies you should consider the next time you want to send the best gifts for a bride near you during her engagement.

MRS… at last

Have you ever had a problem choosing the right wedding goodies for your bride? You no longer have to worry since Mrs.. At Last offers a solution for that. The wedding monthly subscription box companies offer a variety of gifts for the bride, which are affordable and customised.

You no longer have to worry about getting duplicate products every month. The company will ensure that the gifts are quality and unique. They don’t allow clients to customise their products, though, but you can be sure that each gift box will come with a wedding essential or something the bride will need after becoming a Mrs.

Miss to Mrs box

The company is one of the most reliable subscription boxes you can find. Once you subscribe, you will receive up to nine wedding-themed boxes from wedding products, wedding planning merchandise, and wedding planning tools from professional wedding planners.

Your bride will love these gifts definitely because each wedding gift box will come with products over $200, which is a bargain. Besides customised monthly plans, clients can also get exclusive discounts; hence, it’s a money saver.

The ring boxes

If you would like to bring a smile to a loved one from the day they say “yes” to the day they 

proclaim “I do” to the love of their life, then The Ring Boxes should bring precisely what you need. They are a subscription box company that delivers popular and stylish bridal items. All the boxes come with different themes depending on what part of the process you are in.

Products delivered at your doorsteps are high quality and will be sure to add value to your precious memories. They are also affordable.

Something New Bridal Box

For friends or brides looking towards building a subscription box for themselves, this company offers just that. The company delivers up to 12 wedding themed boxes to the bride-to-be, including the honeymoon box, pampered bride box, The Just Engaged Box, and The Fit Bride Box.

The Paisley Box

The Paisley Box is a reputable gift shop that provides trendy and modern gifts for brides. Apart from having affordable and customisable plans for their clients, this subscription box offers brides with gifts they will need before and after the wedding. Each gift box comes with four to six items the bride needs for her wedding.


As you can see, these companies are different in the products they deliver to clients and the type of plans they offer. Therefore, you need to carry out enough research to avoid getting gifts that don’t put a smile on the bride’s face.