9 Ways To Make Your Engagement An Amazing One

Having someone you want to spend the rest of your life with would always be one of the best feelings in the world, especially since not everyone can find their soulmates. As you’ve found the one, you may want to tie the knot and make everything official with your partner and with the law. With that, you need to plan the perfect engagement to let your partner know about your intentions and how you’d like to be with your significant other forever.  

While you can always ask your partner to marry you by getting down on one knee, making your wedding proposal extraordinary will always be an excellent idea. It’ll be a great memory that both of you will cherish and share with your family and friends.

Moreover, listed below are the ways to make your engagement an amazing one:  

1. Look For The Best Engagement Ring 

A wedding proposal wouldn’t be complete without an engagement ring that you can present to your partner. It’ll be the official thing you can offer to them, indicating how much you’d like to be with them and how much you value them. With that, you may want to search for the best and unique engagement rings out in the market today.  

When going for engagement ring shopping, there are plenty of things you should consider. It isn’t just about looking for a diamond ring, but searching for one that your partner would enjoy wearing on their finger all day long. With that, you need to be careful about your engagement ring choices.

There are plenty of diamond shapes and cuts that you should consider. While going for round, cushion, or emerald would always be a classic choice, you should consider looking at oval engagement rings. With a different shape for an engagement ring, you can allow your partner to be creative with their wedding band, giving them a one-of-a-kind set that they’ll surely enjoy.  

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2. Don’t Announce Your Plan To Everyone 

While the proposal process can be exciting as you’re thrilled to get down on one knee and ask your partner’s hand for marriage, you should try to be private as much as possible. In this way, you can allow the moment to be surprising and allow your partner to be shocked during the day of your proposal.

Depending on your situation, it’d highly be appreciated if you could ask your partner’s parents first about your plan and their approval for your wedding intentions. This will show respect as you value their opinions and how you’d like them to be involved in your lives. However, you may need to convince them that they should try to keep it a secret as much as possible so your partner wouldn’t get a hint about your proposal plans.  

If you’re planning to involve other people during your proposal, you should try to limit the number of people who could know about your plans. The fewer people know, the better chances of success.

3. Choose The Perfect Destination

Apart from the engagement ring, your proposal location can highly affect how your proposal would be. Depending on your personality as a couple, you can choose to look for a romantic, intimate, artistic, or public proposal location. With the right spot, you can allow your proposal to be extra memorable and be a place to go back to if you’d like to celebrate any special occasion as a couple.

After deciding on your proposal location, you might want to guarantee your spot by making reservations ahead of time. This will help ensure that you won’t have any problems with your proposal plans. The last thing you want to happen is to see everything in order only to find out that you can’t get inside your location.

4. Consider Intimate Or Public Proposals 

A wedding proposal can go in different ways. You can choose to make it intimate where it’ll only involve the two of you, wherein your close family and friends would be around the venue, or you can go public, where most people will get to witness the event as you’re hosting the proposal publicly and extravagantly.  

Ideally, you should first know how your partner feels when it comes to memorable moments like those. In that way, you can allow them to be fully comfortable as you get down on one knee and hear their sweet answers on your ears. You can subtly ask about their preference by watching a romantic film with a proposal on it. If you think that your partner could take a hint, you should consider asking their best friend to do it for you, but ensure that they keep the secret for the element of surprise.

5. Hire A Professional Photographer

Nothing would feel better than having to see your engagement photos to capture the memorable event that you’ll both share as a couple. It’d be nice to see pictures of you getting down on one knee and have a close-up view of your partner about their reaction and how you’d both celebrate your togetherness for that moment. With that, hiring a professional photographer would go a long way.

When looking for a proposal photographer, you might want to ask about their experiences about their proposal gigs wherein they hide while still capturing the best photo. You can look for their portfolios and see if it’s something you’d be happy with on your special day.  

6. Prepare A Speech  

Before you get down on one knee, preparing a speech in front of your partner would always bring them to a romantic mood that’ll give them a hint for what you’re about to do. Dropping cheesy lines in front of your partner might sound corny to some, especially if it’s not your personality to be touchy-feely. However, if you try to give your partner some romantic speeches, it’ll be something that they won’t forget and will cherish with them forever.  

You can look for inspirations online about the best proposal speeches. Just ensure that you don’t copy one right out from the internet, but allow it to be personal as much as possible. You can include experiences about how you knew your partner and how you’d like to be with them for the rest of your life.

As you deliver your speech, try to memorize your lines as much as possible. This will allow you to look at them in the eye and show your sincerity about how much you adore and love them. Don’t be afraid to improvise your speech as you should always say what’s from your heart.  

7. Consider Having A Theme 

If your partner is a fan of a movie or a TV show that you know they’d love having on their special day, you should consider incorporating that theme and make their dreams come true. It’ll be a gesture that your partner would appreciate and would cherish forever in their hearts.  

When having a theme, make the surroundings and environment be like that. For example, if the wedding proposal happened at a train station, you should consider going on a trip to that specific station or somewhere that looks closest to that and proceed with your plans. You could even add in decorations to make them feel like they’re in their favorite movie.

8. Use Your Favorite Game

If you and your partner enjoy game nights wherein you just spend the whole night together playing board games, you should consider using that and allow your wedding proposal to flow around the game.

For a board game idea, you might want to customize one wherein your partner could pick up a card with the words ‘Will you marry me?’ on it. After seeing your partner get confused about their card, you could be on your knees and show them the ring and repeat the question as they look at you. It’ll be the perfect proposal that both of you will remember. 

Apart from board games, you might want to do a crossword puzzle on a fake newspaper that’ll give them the challenge yet still giving them the element of surprise. While the process might take longer, especially if you choose to include challenging questions, it’ll be something sweet and romantic.

9. Involve Your Children Or Pets

If you already have children with you, involving them in your proposal will make everything extra personal and romantic. In this way, you can share the special moment with your family and allow it to be a memory that all of you will cherish intimately. You can ask your kids to help you plan for the special day and involve them with how you can ask the question. You can make them say ‘please’ in the background as you get down on one knee. It’ll be a cute moment that everyone would enjoy.

Alternatively, if you still don’t have children with you, involving your pets is another cute way of asking your partner for their hand in marriage. You can ask your pet to carry the ring for you or make them wear lightweight cardboard with the words ‘Will you marry my dad?’ It’ll surely be a cute gesture that’ll bring smiles to their faces.  


Planning for the best engagement can be tricky, especially if your partner can easily hint at any surprises. With that, you need to put on the extra effort and allow your partner to feel shocked as you get down on one knee because they’d never anticipated that it’ll happen. Above all else, don’t forget to make the day personal and memorable by incorporating what you and your partner love.