A Wedding In Australia Could Be A Dream Come True

January 13, 2016

If you’re planning your wedding, you might be at the stage of picking a location and destination. At that point, you might want to consider holding a wonderful ceremony in the beautiful country of Australia. If you do, you can almost be guaranteed a spectacular wedding that none of your guests are soon likely to forget. Here’s why an Australian wedding might be the perfect choice for you.

A Gorgeous Climate

Holding a wedding in Australia opens many possibilities due to the natural climate there. You can have a gorgeous summer wedding even in the chilliest months of November to December. That means if it’s your dream to get married at Christmas but you can’t get the date, Australia might provide you with the perfect answer.

As well as, the climate provides the possibility of holding the ceremony outdoors. You could get married on a beautiful stretch of green with lovely white chairs laid out for your guests. You might even consider getting married on the beach in bare feet with the waves in the background. These are both two real possibilities you could consider.

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Locations + Destinations:
Distinct Destinations

February 25, 2014

Tie the knot in one of these far-flung spots

Destination weddings usually translate to nuptials taking place under the bright lights of Vegas or on Mexico’s sandy beaches. But when getting married far from home, why not take the road less traveled? We checked out the best wedding spots that Iceland, Montenegro, and Uruguay have to offer with a little help from The Venue Report, an online resource guide for venues of all kinds of celebrations including weddings, showers, birthday parties, and getaways.

“Destination weddings are about authenticity, embracing the locale, and having lots of onsite adventurous activities at the fingertips of your guests,” says Cortnie Purdy, founder of The Venue Report. We took her advice and found the best spots for the globe-trotting betrothed.

Hotel Ranga


Say “I do” in a traditional Icelandic country church or, if the outdoors suits your style, in front of the nearby Skógarfoss waterfalls. With 51 rooms ranging from luxurious to cozy, as well as continental suites, the hotel is equipped for parties of all sizes. And if you’re lucky, the aurora borealis will make an appearance for a magically colorful wedding night to remember.

Aman Sveti Stefan


Attached to the coast of Montenegro by a tiny isthmus, Sveti Stefan offers breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea, more than 800 olive trees, and cedar and pine forests on three sides. The village dates back to the 15th Century, and the resort boasts a chapel for ceremonies as well as a cottage courtyard, beach café, dining room, and multiple terraces for a plethora of reception options. Your guests also can enjoy a number of water sports, bird watching, cycling, and wine tasting, leaving no shortage of adventure.

Playa Vik


The peninsula of José Ignacio, which faces west and offers stunning views across the southern Atlantic Ocean, is home to Playa Vik, a luxurious bohemian resort renowned for its contemporary architecture, rugged landscape, and pristine beaches. Kite-boarding and horseback riding await your wedding party by day with breathtaking sunsets and exquisite fine dining ready to enjoy in the evenings.

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Locations + Destinations:
Bon Voyage Brides!

August 7, 2013

Last week, we flew our focus afar to the most romantic city of all. We received terrific tips and helpful hints for planning a Parisian wedding. It’s hard to let go of a country so picture perfect for pairing off – so we’re stretching our studies further across the country. From the valleys filled with vino to the regal Riviera, here’s six more spots to tie the knot! 

Go For :: Coastal Couture 



Location: Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc

On The Map: Antibes, France (Southeastern tip, French Riviera) 

The Perk: An exclusive 5-Star hotel resting on the Mediterranean with breathtaking views, a chic destination just 20 minutes from the airport and reachable by sea 

Coastal view, restaurants, lounges, and bars- what’s not to like about the Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc? Treat yourself like a celebrity on your wedding day and let the French Riviera take your breath away. The hotel rests on the southern tip of the Cap d’Antibes and sits between Nice and Cannes, France. Even in its private establishment, this location also offers the most quintessential of luxuries. Smell the fresh foliage strolling by 22 acres of garden, and travel into the town of Antibes to admire world-renowned art galleries and museums. The hotel is home to the Champagne, Piano, Lounge, and Bellini Bar- which will have guests celebrating into the night. If getting married amidst the Mediterranean doesn’t tickle your fancy, best of luck brides.


Go For :: A Majestic Chateaux 



Location: Chateau Lamothe du Prince Noir

On The Map: Bordeaux, France

The Perk: A serene spot for a rural wedding, private yet accessible

Nestled in Mother nature’s beauty lies the Chateau Lamothe du Prince Noir. A spot where swans and ducks effortlessly swim about a mote that wraps around the establishment, and terraces rest both in front and behind the castle. The Chateaux’s bountiful and rural grounds are impeccable for an outdoor wedding. Newly renovated in 2013, the Chateau is home to a bed and breakfast. Charming and stylish bedrooms are located inside, fully equipped with spacious and elegantly decorated bathrooms to pamper yourself. Naturally, great foliage attracts great vineyards to the area, and those indulging in vino for the celebrations are going to please their pallets. Brides, this is your chance to have an exquisite getaway in a land far far away- and yet you still get Wi-Fi! Just a 30 minute drive from the Bordeaux airport leaves you in serenity for a glamorous day, yet allows accessibility for those traveling from afar.


Go For :: A Hotel Hotspot 


20_Fine Dining Restaurant le Meurice

Location: Le Meurice Hotel

On The Map: Paris, France 

The Perk: 5-Star hotel with two delectable restaurants, located in the heart of Paris 

Fly over to the Hotel Le Meurice and surround yourself with French elegance and historic culture for your wedding day. Conveniently located in the midst of Paris attractions, there is something for all who attend the wedding. Stroll over to renowned sites such as the Louvre, empty your wallets and grab some bags at the Hermés and Chanel store, or surround yourself with nature’s beauty at the Tuileries Garden. Take your pick between Le Meurice’s two savory restaurants- Restaurant Le Meurice or Restaurant Le Dalí for a classy celebratory dinner. This hotel won’t leave you disappointed. Before embarking for this Parisian wedding- you may want to consider packing light on the way over…for the fear of sacrificing a suitcase for those irresistible Christian Louboutins.


Go For :: A Cherished Church




Location: La Sainte Chapelle Church

On The Map: Paris, France

The Perk: Say your vows beneath 6,458 square feet of the oldest stained glass in Paris, while standing in one of the most beautiful churches in the world

You may see magic and fairy dust fall from the ceilings once saying your vows a La Sainte Chapelle. This gothic-styled mid-13th century church has all the components for a princess to await her fairytale wedding. Complete with a dazzling ceiling and golden arches on its lower level, combined with illuminating stained glass on its upper level, it’s tough to hold a candle to La Sainte Chapelle. Just as King Louis IX of France constructed the Chapelle for hosting the most holy of relics- a bride deserves an establishment just as special on her most treasured of days.

Go For :: A Private Mansion 



Location: Hôtel de Sully

On The Map: Rue Saint-Antoine (Paris, France)

The Perk: Celebrate your most beautiful day at one of the most beautiful private mansions in Paris 

Go big or go home. Celebrate your wedding at this iconic landmark, and it quickly becomes your private mansion at the same time. A site originally built for granting access into the Place Royale- which is now the Place de Vosges, can become your own private pass into Paris’ pristine. Since 1967, the Hôtel de Sully houses the society dedicated to the preservation of French monuments. Stand in front of the manner’s doors and the courtyard will become the new grounds for a wedding. With surrounding gardens and an orangery, captivating scenery infests the Hôtel de Sully. The mansion is not open to the public, however on your wedding day access may just have to be granted.


Go For :: A Wondrous Winery  

Bordeaux 1998


Location: Château Mouton Rothschild 

On The Map: Pauillac, France ( The Médoc )

The Perk: Travel to one of the world’s greatest wine estates and absorb the prestigious Bordeaux flavor during your time away

Wed in wine region. The Chateau rests on 203 acres of grape vines, consequently spreading its various flavors throughout the vineyard. Predominantly consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet France, vino will not be in short supply for the festivities. The endless amount of outdoor space leaves the bride with infinite options to say her vows, and the guests can explore the wide terrain. The Château hosts several large rooms and artistic decor spreads from wall to wall. Whether you choose to hold the reception indoors, outdoors, or mix and match the ambiance- beauty and art is a guarantee at this stellar estate!


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Locations + Destinations:
Planning a Parisian Wedding

July 30, 2013

The city of lights and the city of love—what better place to tie the knot than Paris? This dream location sounds enchanting, but planning for a wedding abroad can overwhelm any bride. Thankfully, wedding planner Élodie Decaix-Nicolas from La Fabrique À Rêves gives advice about the ins and outs of arranging for your Parisian wedding. 


Élodie Decaix-Nicolas, wedding planner of La Fabrique À Rêves, Marseille France

MW: What are the top five things a bride should know before beginning to plan her Parisian wedding?

Élodie Decaix-Nicolas: Paris is the ideal city to get married! The most romantic city in the world. There are many ideas: Everyone has the opportunity to organize a ceremony like this. Seriously, you should know that it often rains—even if it does not take away the charm of the city, always think of places that are covered. Because it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, wedding venues are booked well in advance, so you have to start early to have a choice. Whatever the chosen place, it will provide a fairly substantial budget. And finally, we must know that it is possible to organize a ceremony in Paris with an officiant who speaks English or another language. There are also the English churches!

MW: During the planning process, what do you see brides stress over the most?

EDN: During the scheduling process, the bride is not really stressed. The secret to not stressing is confidence in the wedding professionals. However, a few days before the wedding, the bride is always stressed. She is afraid of the weather. Is it going to be nice? Is it going to be cold? She doubts her choices. ‘I should have chosen another hairstyle; I should have requested more flowers, I should have arranged three photographers!’ Don’t worry! You made the good choices. Take advantage of the most beautiful day of your life!


MW: What is the most important factor in choosing a venue?

EDN: You have to have a love at first sight! It has to look like you and you have to feel good inside. Of course, it must be consistent with your number of guests and your budget.

MW: How far in advance should brides begin planning for their Parisian wedding?

EDN: Generally, I would say that 10 to 15 months is very good timing. But there really is no rule. Some contact me only three or four months before.

MW: When all is said and done, what makes a Parisian wedding unlike any other?

EDN: It’s Paris! There is a kind of magic in this city. Quintessentially France, Paris is the destination romanticism. Elegant and full of history, this city of love is a perfect environment to celebrate your union—the famous Eiffel Tower, the magic of Montmartre and the Sacre Coeur, the grace of cobbled streets, the book sellers on the docks, the old neighborhoods, and the architecture.

MW: Are there any special design details or cultural customs brides can include that make the affair feel particularly Parisian?

EDN: Paris, it’s Parisian chic, you can dare to use shining gold, silver, crystal with white, red, blue, black or pink. Table names of streets of Paris, museums, or monuments. For your table plan, do not hesitate to give names to your tables such as Sacred Heart, Champs Elysées, Quai d’Orsay. An invitation with a simple Eiffel Tower, or old photos of Paris. You can also make a save the date video to be produced in Paris. Macaroons at Ladurée or a miniature Eiffel Tower for the guest gift. Create a bright and intimate setting with garlands, candles, and chandeliers to make it romantic. Musical entertainment with French cancan or a Parisian orchestra singing Edith Piaf. Candy bars with macaroons, cupcakes, the Paris-Brest, and sucre d’orge.















Venue: Pavillon de Musique de la Comtesse du Barry / Hôtel de Crillon / Yachts de Paris / Le Pavillon Dauphine / Shangri-La Paris / France-Amériques

Wedding Planner: La Fabrique À Rêves

Floral & Décor: Frederic Garrigues / Madame Artisan Fleuriste / Canopea Design

Photographer: Studio Cabrelli

Videographer: MG IMAGE 

Caterer: Potel et Chabot / Butard Enescot

Wedding Cake: Sugarplum Cake Shop

Music: Discotecnik

Invitations & Signage: Papier et Poésie / Nabefabric / Atelier du Bilboquet / Véronique Deshayes / Mister M Studio

Calligraphy: Poppypress

Rentals: Options / Aktuel

Wedding Dress: Celestina Agostino / Delphine Manivet / Rime Arodaky

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Event :: More from New York City’s The NotWedding, part two

June 19, 2013

Last week, we showcased the best event photos from The NotWedding, and now we’re bringing you part two of our series. Take a closer look at the décor from the vendors that made the New York City’s version of The NotWedding shine. 


All guests at The NotWedding had the chance to see creative invites by stationary designers displayed around the venue.

(Wedding invitations provided by And Here We Are and Buzzy Craftery


Photo Credit: Jean Spencer Photography 



Photo Credit: Jean Spencer Photography 



Photo Credit: Authentic Photo



Photo Credit: Authentic Photo



Photo Credit: Authentic Photo



Liddabits Bridal brought along tiny tokens like their custom banners and drink flags that added to the fun and festive décor.

(Event design courtesy of Tinsel and TwineField & FeatherRuffles & Tweed ; Paper flags and banners provided by Liddabits Bridal)


Photo Credit: Jean Spencer Photography 



Photo Credit: Authentic Photo



Photo Credit: Jean Spencer Photography 



Designers at the event switched up table numbers by mixing and matching the design of the text- they used letters, numerals, or even both to create a few different looks.



Photo Credit: Jean Spencer Photography 



Photo Credit: Jean Spencer Photography  



Photo Credit: Jean Spencer Photography 



Good things come in small packages…or vases. Floral design companies showed off what they could do with a few different flowers and a little green vase.

(Floral design courtesy of Tinsel & Twine)


Photo Credit: Jean Spencer Photography 



Photo Credit: Jean Spencer Photography 



Modern bud vases like these made tabletops pop with red and white peonies sprouted from the centerpiece of each table. Emerald colored plates made for an eye-catching combo.


Photo Credit: Jean Spencer Photography  



Photo Credit: Jessica Oh Photography 



Photo Credit: Jean Spencer Photography



Guests sipped on Ferrari Wine with a golden color scheme at the bar.

(Event design by Field & Feather


Photo Credit: Jean Spencer Photography 



Photo Credit: Jean Spencer Photography 



Chromatic Gallerie cleverly displayed its shoes throughout the venue for all to see, from sparkly indigo pumps to a wedding perfect pink patent leather.


Photo Credit: Authentic Photo 



Photo Credit: Authentic Photo 



Guests munched on a savory hor d’oeuvres provided by Soulfully Good Catering.


Photo Credit: Jean Spencer Photography  



Photo Credit: Jean Spencer Photography  


Photos by Jessica Oh PhotographyJean Spencer Photography, and Authentic Photo each captured the faux bride and groom throughout the mock wedding, including these adorable images in the park and with the wedding party.

(Floral design done by Tinsel & Twine; Dresses, Bride and bridesmaids accessories by The White Gown and Hushed Commotion ; Women’s shoes by Chromatic Gallerie ; Makeup and Hair by Makeup by Dana Marie ; Groom and groomsmen accessories by French Knot Studios


Photo Credit: Jessica Oh Photography



Photo Credit: Jessica Oh Photography  



Photo Credit: Jessica Oh Photography  



Photo Credit: Jessica Oh Photography



Authentic Photo

Jean Spencer Photography

Jessica Oh Photography


Bathhouse Studios


The NotWedding


And Here We Are

Buzzy Craftery

Paper Flags and Banners

Liddabits Bridal

Floral and Event Design

Field & Feather

Ruffles & Tweed

Tinsel & Twine

Lindsay Rae Design


The White Gown

Bride and Bridesmaids Accessories

Hushed Commotion

Women’s Shoes

Chromatic Gallerie

Makeup and Hair

Makeup by Dana Marie

Groom and Groomsmen Accessories

French Knot Studios


Soulfully Good






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Event :: The NotWedding takes New York, part one

June 13, 2013

What better way to figure out which vendors to use in your wedding than by witnessing their work in action? Modern Weddings goes behind-the-scenes at The NotWedding, an untraditional bridal event that goes beyond booths and flyers.



Credit: Jean Spencer Photography


From the ceremony to the I Do’s, bridal event founder Callie Murray has created a way for both brides and bridal professionals to get an idea of what a wedding day will be like thanks to The NotWedding. She created this untraditional bridal event as a way to gather top industry vendors—including florists, décor companies, planners, photographers, and more—together to create and celebrate a mock wedding, fake bride and groom included. And the guests attending the pretend nuptials? They are brides looking for the perfect vendor team to plan their own big day. “The NotWedding allows brides-to-be to get a feel for how wedding vendors would actually perform on their wedding day, and wedding vendors love being able to truly show off what they do and how they work,” Murray says.

Murray’s offbeat bridal event has taken place in a number of cities, including Atlanta, Charleston, San Diego, Nashville, and Cape Cod, but this was her first in New York City. The bash took place at Bath House Studios where inside the venue, “happy couple” Natasha and Jonathan said their vows as real brides looked on amidst the embellishments.

After the mock ceremony, guests moved into the reception area, where intricate design details filled every corner. They dined on bites provided by Soulfully Good while the band Mixtape: A Cover Band For Hipsters rocked out in the background.

Take a look at the gorgeously detailed event photos during part one of our two-part series.



Credit: Jean Spencer Photography


_9F5cEw58D7LYSA4FwK2YslB01WJCpnIDSlrxpSxNWsCredit: Jean Spencer Photography



Credit: Jessica Oh Photography



Credit: Jean Spencer Photography


rHovV2UtTrz5GK9jFtqpsnXof3SJBFaVhMu3Oai9GzsCredit: Jean Spencer Photography



Credit: Jean Spencer Photography



Credit: Jean Spencer Photography



Credit: Jean Spencer Photography



Credit: Jean Spencer Photography



Credit: Jean Spencer Photography



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Designing from Afar

April 26, 2013

Getting married on a tropical beach or alpine mountaintop makes for spectacular photo-ops, but the planning that goes into destination weddings can be daunting. Here, two wedding planners give advice to brides planning their big day from afar


Vanessa Van Wieren, founder of Alchemy Fine Events Cardiff by the Bay, CA

MW: How can a bride incorporate her destination location without going overboard?

Vanessa Van Wieren: Whatever you do, don’t feel like you have to lose you to honor the destination locale. Bring it in as an accent, not into the main stage. For our Tuscan wedding’s table, we incorporated modern Louis Ghost Chairs, lucite candleholders, and mirrored cube boxes and then mixed them with a Tuscan style farm table and locally purchased textiles.

MW: What design details should a destination bride focus on to drive home her wedding’s style and aesthetic?

VVW: Tablescapes are the perfect canvas to express your designs and tell a story. Design around local flowers to bring in the destination’s flair. If you aren’t too comfortable with your destination florist’s skills, hire one where you live and have them do a test run! Once you perfect your tablescape locally, take a ton of photos and even sketch out placement of the decor so that when you pass off the design to your destination florist, it’s a no-brainer.


Jamie Chang, founder of Mango Muse Events, Los Altos, CA

MW: You had a destination wedding in Paris. Tell us a little bit more about planning your dream nuptials.

Jamie Chang: Paris was the first place we both thought of. We had fallen in love with the city on a trip we took a few years back and it just felt right for us. We also knew exactly where we wanted to get married, the Musee Rodin. It’s a little oasis in the middle of the city that is just peaceful and lovely. We really wanted to share an experience beyond a wedding.

MW: What is the most important thing a couple should consider when deciding on a destination location?

JC: I think the absolute most important thing is that you choose a place that means something to you as a couple. Perhaps it is a location that you visit annually, or where you got engaged, or where your grandparents were from. The couple feels totally thrilled to be there, and you can see that on their faces. That kind of excitement is infectious, so everyone ends up being in this state of bliss.


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Honeymoon Hotspots

April 19, 2013



Whether you’re looking for a far-off destination or somehwere stateside, these stylish resorts offer up peace, quiet, and plenty of pampering so you can spend time with your newly minted honey in post-bridal bliss 

Hotel 1000 Exterior

Hotel: Hotel 1000

Location: Seattle, WA

Go for the: downtown digs and laid-back vibe 

1000 is the perfect solution for honeymooners who don’t want to travel too far from home, but want to experience both the city and the great outdoors in one spot. The Chic property sits right in downtown Seattle and is only a few blocks from the famous Pike Palace Market, where you can see, hear, and taste the city’s local culture (yep, they really do throw fish here). If you feel like exploring the area, jump on the Bainbridge Island Ferry. It’s only a 35-minute ride to picturesque Puget Sound, but the secluded isle feels like it’s hundreds of miles away from Seattle’s hustle and bustle. Upon your return to the hotel, opt for a relaxing massage or facial at aptly named Spaahh, or enjoy a cocktail at 0n-site restaurant Boka. You’ll be in honeymoon heaven in no time.

Using two turntables and a microphone, plus LED screens and projectors, Bamboo Beats creates an interactive audio-video experience that will get everyone on the dance floor. “We are universal, party-rocking DJs,” says founder and DJ extraordinaire Joanna Dyckhoff. Bamboo Beats specializes in blending electric musical styles and genres and offering up live performances, the first DJs to do so in the Seattle area. Book them now, and they’ll be sure to get the party going. 



EH_SignatureA1 NewHotel: Ellerman House

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Go for the: New world style and old world charm

Ellerman House is a hotel with roots that date back to 1912, when it was a summer estate for wealthy British shipping baron Sir John Ellerman. With only 11 rooms in the original home and three in the adjoining contemporary villa, it’s definitely small. But what lacks in size, it makes up in location; Ellerman House is location right in the heart of Cape Town’s Victoria and Alfred waterfront, situated between popular tourist sites Robben Island and Table Mountain. And when you’re through touring the city, you can take advantage of Ellerman’s plush amenities. “Ellerman has acres of landscaped gardens, hundreds of pieces of unique South African art, and a wine cellar boasting 7,500 bottles of South African wine,” says marketing director Lindsy Marais. There’s even a special Champagne cave coming soon, so you can pick out your favorite bubbly to toast your new life, and enjoy great wine and wide-open space.

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Go West!

February 28, 2013

Thinking of a U.S. location for your destination wedding? Consider these two cozy inns in the Pacific Northwest that prove the great outdoors can still be strikingly chic

Cave B Inn & Spa - Quincy, WACave B Inn & Spa

Quincy, WA

Cave B Inn & Spa looks out over Washington State’s breathtaking Columbia River Gorge. The Inn isn’t just an oasis on the river’s bluff, it’s a full-fledged winery, too. “Along with the scenery, wine plays a key role in all that is Cave B Inn & Spa,” says Blake Helgerson, who manages the property’s rooms.

The on-site winery bottles a wide range of varietals ranging from robust reds to crisp whites. The inn itself offers nearly as many types of accommodations, from classic rooms in the main lodge to more quirky desert yurts located a short distance down the road. And with all that space, weddings usually sprawl across the entire property. “A typical wedding will transition into three different locations throughout the day,” Helgerson says. “First, the ceremony site, set along the beautiful river cliffside. Second, the cocktail site, which showcases our luxurious vineyards. And last, the reception site, where dinner and dancing take place under the stars.” Sounds like the perfect place to get married if you want to enjoy great wine and wide-open space.


Go West - Knob Hill InnKnob Hill Inn

Ketchum, Idaho

“The word ‘romantic’ is an understatement when describing our location,” says Shannon Allen, Knob Hill Inn’s manager. Knob Hill sits in Sun Valley surrounded by Idaho’s craggy Boulder Mountains. “Ceremonies almost always take place outside in our picturesque garden setting,” Allen says.

Unlike most resorts, Knob Hill doesn’t have any pre-set wedding packages. “We do not require set menus, set decor, set times, or specific details,” Allen says. “Couples can really make their weddings their own, and we work with them to make that happen.” Most brides and grooms opt for an outdoor affair, but Sun Valley experiences all four seasons. So if a wintry wedding is more your style, they can accommodate that, too. “Knob Hill can become an outdoor mountain oasis, as well as a cozy winter retreat,” Allen says. “Paired with our rustic European charm and the natural elements, our inn makes for an ideal place to get married.”

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Take Shelter

One company is taking “glamping” to a new level

San Francisco-based Shelter Co. is on a mission to help brides and grooms-to-be bend the traditional wedding rules—and they’re taking it to the great outdoors to make it happen. Founder Kelsey Sheofsky created the pop-up camping sites for people wanting to connect with nature, but without sacrificing a luxe experience.

Take Shelter Article Image“We like to take into account what nature has already provided for us and then accentuate and work with those elements,” says Sheofsky. “We’re never in a position where we need to cover up an ugly light fixture or horrible patterned carpet; we’re already starting with a gorgeous setting that’s different every time. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Sheofsky has made a career of planning and executing weddings and events even before launching Shelter Co. “Over the past six years, I’ve planned countless weddings that took a year to plan, a large amount of money to produce, and were over in the blink of an eye. So much money is spent making sure all the important people are able to attend, but then they may not even interact with one another once they are there,” she says. “By hosting everyone on a property for a full weekend, it creates a true sense of community, fostering new relationships that go beyond the pleasantries of normal wedding interaction. This was really the inspiration for launching our company in the first place.”

Fully furnished European-style canvas tents resembling luxury hotel rooms are equipped with a wood bedframe and real mattress, 400 thread count bedding, down comforter and pillows, and lounge seating. Activity and lounge tents equipped with vignette seating, bar setups, beauty stations, children’s furnishing and games, and a stocked library are available to help make each guest’s stay more unique and comfortable. And for brides and grooms looking to pack in a bit more luxury, options to customize your wedding weekend with a la carte services ranging from dog tents to yoga retreats to an outdoor movie theater and full catering services are readily available. “This is camping, evolved, but not without losing sight of what’s truly important,” says Sheofsky. “We want clients and event producers to come to us with ideas and locations on where they’d like to set up their Shelter Co. experience. Shelter Co. is not meant to be a static experience in fixed locations only—we’ll go where the wind, and the celebration, takes us.”

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