Personal Decor Style That Pops

May 7, 2013

Event Creative designer Jesse Deckard takes extra steps to make your wedding decor feel right



“Couples are really gravitating towards a more intimate style for their weddings, and by ‘intimate,’ I don’t necessarily mean by size, but by feeling,” says wedding guru Jesse Deckard. Deckard, a senior wedding design consultant at Event Creative in Chicago, specializes in creating the decor for weddings of all scopes and sizes. And he firmly believes that when it comes to making your wedding look like you, you have to dig deep. “I find out things about my clients that aren’t even related to the weddings. Things like personal shopping habits, what their homes are like, and what they like to do in their spare time, just so I can understand what their ultimate wedding setting should feel like,” he says.

Once you’ve got your wedding feeling pinned down, Deckard  gets to work honing preferences into a streamlined wedding look. He likes to do full decor run-throughs, where he stages complete table settings, accompanying lighting elements, and the small touches that make his wedding designs truly speak to each couple’s style. “They understand every design element that will ultimately create their special event space,” Deckard says of his meticulous process. But if you can’t stage a full decor dress rehearsal, do make sure your wedding’s look feels right. “Trust yourself, as you know yourself best,” Deckard advises. “If it feels right in the beginning, it’s going to be right in the end.”

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Love is in the Details :: Cozy Style

May 4, 2013

Any wedding planner will tell you that it’s the small things that stand out. Here is one of our favorite (and perfectly planned) fetes


Company: Flourish Events

Bride and groom: Kelly and Anthony Davis

Designer: Lindsey Nartker

Venue and location: Meadow Brook Hall, Rochester, MI

Photographer: Blaine Siesser

“Kelly and Anthony wanted their guests to feel at home, comfortable with their surroundings, and most importantly, well taken care of,” says event designer Lindsey Nartker. A vintage soda display set the tone for the wedding’s decor and offered guests a refreshing drink prior to the ceremony. Inside the reception tent, Nartker used milk glass, mercury glass, and wood containers to display romantic blooms, and even changed up the arrangements on each table. “Keeping the designs different on each table encouraged guests to explore the entire tent, always giving them something fresh and interesting to find,” Nartker says.

Photos of loved ones injected personal charm into the wedding’s cozy style.






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Love is in the Details: Southern Inspired

May 2, 2013

Any wedding planner will tell you it’s the small things that stand out. Here’s one of our favorite (and perfectly planned) fetes. 


Company: Southern Protocol

Bride and groom: Sarah and Hartley Claypool

Designer: Lizz Akerman

Venue and location: Lowndes Grove Plantation, Charleston, SC

Photographer: Gayle Brooker

“Sarah embraced tradition, but it didn’t look dated,” says Akerman, Souther Protocol’s founder. To get the look just right, Akerman balanced soft pinks with cherry greens and turned to personalized elements, like a traditional guestbook done in the exact damask print used for the wedding linens.

Roses added a classic touch to wedding’s design. “Roses tend to give a bad rap, yet here they were perfect,” Akerman says.

Guests enjoyed the sunset from classic furniture placed at the water’s edge.










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Real Wedding :: John and Krystin

PHWed (277 of 994)

Newlyweds John and Krystin live in the city and wanted a wedding that felt very “Chicago”. They had their reception at Fulton’s on the river, portraits near the art institute, and drove around town an an amazing trolley.

They highlighted the city of Chicago by the beer they served and the table numbers was a cutout of the Chicago skyline. Their night ended by walking by the river under the moonlight and taking some amazing portraits.

“My goal for the images was to create a very classic and iconic Chicago feeling,” says wedding photographer Samantha Simmons. “John and Krystin were so great and even willing to stand in the middle of a busy intersection to nail some portait shots – and boy did they!”

As any wedding planner would you tell, it’s the small things that stand out. The decor lighting, the flower girls dress stitching, and even table setting had small details that anyone would remember.

Their wedding day was absolutely beautiful and everything went smoothly.

Photographer: Samantha Simmons

DJ Service: Hi Fidelity

Flowers: Fleur du Jour Chicago

Ceremony: Assumption Church

Reception: Fulton’s on the River

Dress: Tara Keely

Ring and Jewelry: Holtzmann’s

Videographers: Film Fidele

Cake and pastries: Domino’s Pastries and Homemade Sweets by Amanda

Trolley: Empire Limo

PHWed (608 of 994)

PHWed (614 of 994)

PHWed (654 of 994)

PHWed (130 of 994)

PHWed (443 of 994)

PHWed (891 of 994)

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Love is in the Details :: Traditional Dancing

Any wedding planner will tell you it’s the small things that stand out. Here is one of our favorite (and perfectly planned) fetes


Company: Bliss Weddings & Events

Bride and groom: Becky and Nialy Patel

Designer: Renny Pedersen

Venue and location: Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago, Il

Photographer: Studio This Is 

“Becky and Nialy have both been to a lot of hotel ballroom Indian weddings. They really wanted something different,” says head Bliss planner Pedersen. To make the Patel wedding really stand out, Bliss kicked off with the traditional Indian ceremony. They shut down Chicago’s famed LaSalle Street, and the families danced in front of the Board of Trade for a full 45 minutes. The party moved to the edgy, urban Bridgeport Arts Center for the Christian ceremony and dance party reception.

A 60-foot screen installed in Bridgeport’s loading dock was Pedersen’s favorite design touch. “The screen played really loud and colorful Bollywood videos. It was amazing!”










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Love is in the Details :: Red

May 1, 2013

Any wedding planner will tell you it’s the small things that stand out. Here’s one of our favorite (and perfectly planned) fetes


Company: MWD Lifestyles

Bride and groom: Mae and Lawrence Wu

Designer: Marc Wilson

Venue and location: The Eventi Hotel, New York, NY

Photographer: 5 West Studios

“Mae loved red and wanted to have a predominately red look and feel for he wedding,” says Wilson. He kept the vivid hue refined by keeping competing colors and sparse. Red roses, orchids, hydrangeas, and carnations filled the reception’s high and low centerpieces, while black chivari chairs anchored each table’s look. “Accenting the room’s colors with various other shades of red created a very strong subtile yet dynamic experience,” he says.

A variety of tassled Chinese lanterns nodded to the couple’s heritage.






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Love is in the Details :: Indian Inspired

April 29, 2013

Any wedding planner will tell you it’s the small things that stand out. Here’s one of our favorite (and perfectly planned) fetes. Fragola-Productions-CW-16-X3


Company: SweetChic Events

Bride and groom: Maya Ragavan and Sidharth Rajagopal

Designer: Charlene Liang

Venue and location: Chicago Botanic Gardens, Chicago, Il

Photographer: Fragola Productions

“Make your wedding incredible by turning it into a full sensory experience with sights, sounds, tastes, etc,” Liang says. “Maya and Sid wanted to give their guests an Indian experience while keeping their wedding intimate and surrounded by beauty and nature. They hired a traditional Indian band to play during the ceremony and cocktail hour, served Indian food, and played off the traditional red and gold Indian wedding palette.”






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Designing with the Stars

April 4, 2013

These event designers know what it takes to make a lasting impression—just ask their celeb clientele

81Meet Christina Whittle and Zaid Arriola, two designers who have had their hands on big day details for stars like Drew Barrymore and Natalie Portman, to name a few. They let us tap their brains to find out how to make the flowers for your own big day picture perfect. 

If a bride has to choose between what’s in season or what’s in budget, what do you recommend?
What is in season is always a great choice. However, budget should not drive your bouquet choice. It is the most important flower on your special day—it will be in a lot of your pictures and will create great memories. You never want to look back at your wedding album and wish you had spend those few extra dollars!


What do you think is a good rule of thumb for brides to abide by when deciding on a floral palette?

We believe there is no rule of thumb when it comes to your own wedding, so you should choose a color palette that is personal to you. This is the time to get your future husband’s input. For example, you love yellow and he loves gray, and those two colors together create a delightful and chic palette—a true marriage!


Are there any flowers in particular that you think are poised to be the next “big bloom”?
Dahlias are beautiful and timeless. Even a single Dahlia bloom would create an amazing bouquet. There are so many different types and hybrids, they’re a very versatile flower. Dinner plate dahlias are our favorites, and soon will be everyone’s!


Any trends we can look forward to seeing in the coming year? What about trends we’ll be happy to see go?

One trend we think is worth following is making eco-conscious decisions. For example, there are many flowers that do not required large amounts of water.


What would your fantasy bouquet look like?

Large Magnolia blooms—we love the elegance and delightful fragrance.

A timeless piece!

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Flowers for Every Season

March 22, 2013

When it comes to wedding florals, timing isn’t everything. Expert florist Dorothy Pfeiffer tells us what you should consider when planning your blooms.


So often brides and grooms love certain types of flowers, but they forget to consider timing. Expert florist Dorothy Pfeiffer, whose shop in New York is quite aptly named Cornucopia Flowers, says not to sweat it over the season. “Flower seasons are stretching and we can get many spring favorites in winter when the southern hemisphere is experiencing spring,” she says. But if you’re unwilling to fly in your preferred wedding florals, Pfeiffer suggests substituting with in-season blooms in similar shapes or hues, adding that, “a lot of any one flower in a great shaped vase never fails!”

Pfeiffer’s Seasonal Go-Tos

Flowering branches like Cherry, Dogwood, and Crabapple

Dahlias, Zinnias, and Fiddlehead Ferns

Oak leaves, Mango Calla Lilies, and Brown Sunflowers

Orchids, Parrot Tulips, and Amaryllis

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Design & Decor :: A Ceremony in Bloom

March 18, 2013

Wedding designer Jeannie Savage shares her tips for perfect ceremony floral centerpieces


Jeannie Savage is the head of Details Details in Los Angeles and has created unforgettable affairs for many of her clients. Here she offers up her top tips for creating beautiful ceremony florals that will bring a tear to everyone’s eye even before you say “I do.”

  •  Think like a photographer and move beyond the aisle. “The entry of the aisle is not as important as the front of the aisle, where the majority of photos will take place,” Savage says. “Fill up that area first.”
  • Having an outdoor wedding? Savage suggests keeping your passion for vivid colors to your reception arrangements. “Sometimes loud, bright colors aren’t great outdoors,” Savage says. Instead, she recommends decorating your ceremony space in subtle coordinating hues that won’t compete with nature’s beauty.
  • Pull a fast one on guests by reusing the ceremony arrangements. “I love using multiple arrangements in varying heights—it’s a fail safe trick that works in both ceremony and reception locations,” Savage says. She suggests changing subtle details to keep the arrangements feeling special. “We may switch out the container so it doesn’t look exactly the same, but the floral will have a cohesive look.”

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Design & Decor :: Twenty Pages

March 11, 2013

Graphic designer Vincent Merlin and his wife turned their wedding into a cover op with their custom-created magazines Twenty Pages. Here, he shares his design inspiration.                        

TP-jolie-WP TP-spark-WP

WBD: How did you come up with the initial idea to make personalized magazines for wedding couples? 

Vincent Merlin: Twenty Pages was born from the needs of our own wedding in France. We wanted to share our story and the big day logistics with our guests. Since we had a destination wedding, it was hard to convey all the information to our guests in a fun and simple way. We considered many things, but still felt that it didn’t fit our needs. So, we created our magazine and the guests loved how fun and practical it was—from the maps to the “top things to do” to the “what to wear” section. It made their experience much more enjoyable and stress free.

WBD: You have three different magazine designs—what inspired these versions?

VM: All our designers are based in Paris and their work is naturally inspired by the latest trends in France, but they also keep a close eye on what is going on in the U.S. We currently have three magazine styles:  Whim was designed for the timeless romantic in all of us, Spark was inspired by of-the-moment French fashion magazines and meant for those who love to be on the cutting-edge, and Jolie has a vintage and nostalgic feel.

WBD: What do you hope that couples get out of making their own wedding magazine?

VM: We hope that couples tell their story and share the romance with their wedding guests. Our customers always tell us that the magazine is a big hit at their wedding; it added an unexpected touch and was fun to put together, as well.

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Rentals Renewed

March 6, 2013

Tired of the chivari chairs and overstuffed banquettes you see at every wedding? These rental companies will spice up your ceremony and reception designs. 


Whether your style is romantic or industrial, vintage furniture from Found Vintage Rentals will create a personalized aesthetic fit for your tastes. “Found has a vision of seeing how unusual or unique pieces can be incorporated into a celebration in an unexpected way,” says Director of Business Development Allison Howell. Opened in 2010 by owner Jeni Maus, Found’s inventory contains 1,750 pieces, including vintage couches, tables, and church pews, as well as architectural pieces like freestanding doors, arches, and windows. Found Vintage Rentals,, 714.888.5811



Founders Justin and Katy saw a need for a rental company that offered more than just the basics, so they scoured vintage and antique stores to create their eclectic offerings. Whether it’s a tornado of chairs for a ceremony arch, or a giant painted canvas with live flowers exploding from it, the duo says they love creating events that wow people while still staying true to the authentic vision of the bride and groom. 



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