What to Wear When Attending a Wedding in Spring

As a guest at a spring wedding, you have many different outfit options to choose from. With winter coming to an end, you can explore wearing bright colors and playful patterns inspired by life returning to nature. Wearing lightweight fabrics that flow as you move is also suitable for the warmer weather. However, you need to consider other aspects of attending a wedding, like whether it will be held outdoors or indoors and if it’s a semi-formal event. These factors will come into play when deciding on the appropriate attire to wear.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to figure out the best outfit to wear (and what not to wear!) From the colors of your clothes to the appropriate accessories, here’s a simple guide to help you choose what to wear when attending a wedding in spring:

Determine How Formal the Wedding Is

Before going shopping for your outfit, first find out what the requested attire is for the event. Typically, this information is included in the wedding invitation and will specify whether the event is formal or semi-formal. Here’s what these common dress code terms mean:

Formal or Black Tie

If the invitation indicates it will be a black tie event, it’s safe to assume that guests are expected to come in formal wear. This means you can wear a formal gown or a full-length dress that doesn’t show your legs. You can opt for solid colors or understated prints. A classic satin dress or gown with a few attractive details like lace and ruffles is a good choice too. Just make sure to stay clear of any dress or gown with dramatic cut-outs that reveal too much skin.

Alternatively, a sophisticated cocktail dress is suitable if you prefer something with a shorter hemline. Make the dress more appropriate for the formal event by wearing it with black tights and patent leather pumps. Adding some jewelry can also make it look more elegant.


Semi-formal attire is more relaxed than black tie, but it requires you to dress up in an elegant cocktail dress or skirt. Lengths above the knee are popular as cocktail attire, and you can opt for light fabrics like chiffon and organza to match the warmer season.

Another outfit option is a tailored jumpsuit. This is a stylish alternative to wearing dresses and is often very comfortable to wear. Make sure to pair it with heels and well-chosen accessories to make it look more chic.

Choose Season-Appropriate Colors

When it comes to the color of your outfit, you can go for bright and bold colors. Spring is all about florals and the lively colors of nature, such as green, blue, red, pink, and purple. If you don’t want to wear something too eye-catching, pastel colors work perfectly as well. Choose muted hues that represent the beautiful colors of spring. You can also go for romantic floral prints that feature bold and oversized blooms or small and subtle designs in pastels.

Since it’s a spring wedding, avoid jewel tones like burgundy and emerald green, as these shades are associated with winter. Black may also be inappropriate, as it is considered the color of mourning. Furthermore, avoid wearing anything in white and leave that color for the bride.

Bring Outerwear to Stay Warm

While springtime usually features warmer weather, you might encounter late-winter chills or occasional rain showers. Keep yourself prepared by checking the weather leading up to the wedding date and bringing appropriate outerwear. For example, a pretty shawl will come in handy, especially if you’re attending an outdoor wedding. You can drape the shawl around your shoulders to stay warm.

In lower temperatures, a statement coat can be a fantastic addition to your outfit. If you’ll be celebrating outdoors, keep your cocktail dress simple and elevate it with a patterned or colorful coat. It’s a stylish way to protect yourself from a chilly spring night.

Wear the Right Pair of Shoes

As for your footwear, nude is a safe color and can easily go well with most outfits. You may want to stay away from strappy, open-toed shoe designs to keep your feet from getting cold. Instead, wear pumps that look classy and give you the option of wearing tights if you need additional coverage.

If the wedding is to be held outdoors, pay close attention to the type of heels you wear. Stilettos and pointy heels can sink into the grass, mud, or other soft terrain. These types of shoes can also make it harder to walk on rocky paths. That said, it’s best to stick to wedges or elevated flats that offer better stability. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the cushion too, including a pair of insoles can help keep you more comfortable.

Complete Your Outfit with Accessories

Accessories are meant to elevate your ensemble. But sometimes it can take away from your overall look, so carefully consider what accessories to use with your outfit. For example, jewelry can be used for minimal enhancements or as a focal piece. For most formal and semi-formal attire, your jewelry should only come second to your dress. However, if your outfit doesn’t have too many details, such as ruffles or prints, you can enhance it with a statement necklace or dramatic drop earrings.

When it comes to your handbag, a clutch is a good choice for black-tie events. It’s small enough that it won’t get in the way of your formal attire. For semi-formal weddings, a long shoulder bag is appropriate. Just make sure it isn’t so big that the purse looks bulky and unwieldy.


Being a guest at a spring wedding gives you the freedom to explore different fashion choices. This can make choosing an outfit fun and, at times, challenging. Hopefully, you can use this guide to help you select something appropriate for the occasion. As long as you don’t take the attention away from the couple, feel free to wear whatever makes you feel and look good.