6 Tips For Styling Thick Hair

Hair is considered the crowning glory of a woman. Its length, color, style, and thickness all contribute to its unique beauty and grace. It’s imperative to take good care of these feminine assets to preserve and maintain your confidence and elegance.

Most importantly, hair catches attention as it’s seen right above their faces. It cannot be helped to feel uncomfortable when the hair is not in its perfect condition and more so that not everyone is blessed with picture-perfect styled braids.

Every woman wears a different type; it may be thin, thick, straight, curly, or wavy. But even so, there are circumstances wherein it just does not cooperate no matter how hard they try, especially for those who have unruly, thick type of hair.

Fortunately, there is absolutely nothing an expert hair salon cannot fix. Although, there is no need for a hair salon. Any woman can style their hair if they follow the correct procedures and use the most appropriate hair products. If they are ready to start styling, then begin!

  1. Nourish

First, ensure that the hair, especially if you have a thick mane, is adequately nourished. The health of the hair is highly dependent on the scalp. Is the scalp too oily, dry, or flaky? If any of those three descriptions apply to the hair’s condition, make sure to use nourishing shampoo or essential oils. This will catalyze healthy hair growth and little to no scalp problems in the future.

Massage the scalp and let the nutritional agents seep through. The hair roots will absorb the nutrients as well and help maintain hair strength and prevent unwanted infestations. Hair fall and split ends will also be mitigated.

  1. Moisturize

Second, moisturize the hair using a hydrating shampoo. This type of shampoo works best on thick, curly, or coarse hair. It adds moisture, of course, as well as shine and smoothness. It may even make the hair look glossy if the product is very compatible.

Aside from these factors, hydrating shampoo improves hair manageability, which makes it easier to work with. Therefore, hydrating shampoo is an excellent choice for styling thick hair.

  1. Deep Condition

Third, wash the hair after applying shampoo, then proceed to deep conditioning. In this process, any conditioner may be used as long as it suits the person’s taste and that it is compatible with the hair type.

Deep conditioning allows the hair to relax and be softer, making it easy to style. This method is also used to prevent tangled clumps of hair and breakage. Moreover, conditioners also contain nutrients that are good for the hair allowing it to stay in style no matter the weather.

  1. Set

Fourth, allow the hair to absorb the product. The hair needs to be set after deep conditioning. This way, the hair will be more manageable, silkier, and softer. Setting the hair allows it to take its natural style if it’s wavy, curly, or just plain straight. Furthermore, the setting helps both the scalp and the hair relax.

  1. Dry

Fifth, dry. There are many ways to do this part of your routine. One may opt to use a blower, a towel, or a used shirt. The latter is more effective and less damaging.

Using a shirt, wrap it around the hair and proceed to scrunch it until dry. This way, only the water is removed but not the products you used on your mane. The excellent condition of the hair will be left untouched and ready for styling!

  1. Style

And lastly, pick any elegant hairstyle for thick and curly hair. These hair types are best suited for elaborate hair designs to showcase the crowning glory. They can be styled with complicated braids, beach waves, and even the iconic bun. But regardless, every woman is beautiful in their way. The hair is merely an accessory. It does not represent the whole but simply emphasizes a glimpse of it.


Indeed, hair is one of a woman’s most treasured assets. They spend for it, maintain it and care for it. And yes, it is high maintenance, but it is worth every penny. The confidence it gives to every lady is unmatched. Every bounce of the curls and every shine of a strand exudes power.

Therefore, every woman needs to know how to identify and style their hair. At the end of the day, it is not precisely about the hair but more about how they intend to be better and to be greater above all. To be confident, graceful, and proud. And remember, a wedding is also a great opportunity to tell if it’s time to take your relationship from casual to serious dating.

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