How to Find the Perfect Honeymoon Balance

When it comes to planning a wedding, most affairs showcase the bride. Going back even to the first date, most women expect to be taken out on the town by their men. In terms of a proposal, most women dream of a grand, romantic gesture before the groom-to-be gets down on one knee.

Then come the myriad of wedding plans. From a shower to a bachelorette party, brides tend to command the majority of the attention while also spearheading the majority of the wedding plans. For the average groom, this works out well.

However, when it comes time to plan out the exciting honeymoon, most couples sit down together to hammer out the finer details. After all, when the wedding gowns and tuxedos are stowed away and rings are at home on their respective fingers, all that’s left to do is enjoy life together.

The honeymoon is the first step for every couple in marriage. Though the average groom may not have a long list of demands for the big day itself, they’re likely to crave something just for them on the relaxing stretch that follows.

Newlyweds, have no fear. There are plenty of ways to compromise when it comes to choosing the perfect destination and building an itinerary perfect for you both.


Location is the primary focus of the honeymoon. An exotic and exciting location like Italy or Thailand means that couples don’t need to stress out about planning an itinerary as much—every day is likely to be an adventure in these types of locations.

Still, for most, destination honeymoons are out of the question because of the big bill. While planning a year in advance or waiting right up until the day can offer exclusive deals on plane tickets, there’s likely other pressing matters for engaged couples.

Traveling someplace nearby, like California or the Grand Canyon, will offer couples flexibility in terms of their honeymoon. They’ll speak the language, be able to rent a car comfortably, and can explore at their leisure.

Another option for those struggling to find a suitable location would be to schedule the honeymoon at another time. Though it’s traditional to jet-set right after the reception, couples can plan their honeymoon to align with certain hotel and flight deals.


After finalizing dates and a destination it would seem all that’s left to do is enjoy a vacation. However, many couples find that organizing an itinerary can be just as difficult as finalizing other honeymoon details.

One amazing way to grow as a couple is to try something new together like an adventurous restaurant.

Highly-rated restaurants are another staple of popular honeymoon destinations. Michelin guides can be easily located online, which showcase restaurants that meet a high global standard.

Though the bill may be too large to foot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, setting up a night to try a new, special concoction from a top chef is one way to build that newlywed bond. On the other hand, depending on the location, it’s possible to find a local restaurant with unforgettable meals made by mom and pop.

Exotic destinations like Mexico, Thailand, or Italy will provide ample opportunity to wander into a new culinary world. Those staying Stateside will have to work a bit harder to find an adventurous meal—though they certainly exist.

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