Planning The Most Romantic Honeymoon

Wedding planning is one of those stressful and simultaneously exciting affairs we all love to enjoy. When it comes to planning the perfect day for you and your partner, there are so many things to think about and often not much time to plan it. 

But as well as the big day itself, the honeymoon can be the best part of your celebrations. Once the stress of your wedding is over and you are finally alone, you’ll be able to book a wonderful honeymoon for you and the one you love. 

Today we want to take a look at planning the honeymoon and the different ways you can get it right. Here are our best tips for planning the perfect honeymoon this year with no stress or worry. 

  1. Book early 

One of the best ways to save money on honeymoon planning and reduce your stress by a country mile is to book early. Book your honeymoon as early as you possibly can, even before some of the wedding plans, and it will ensure that you get to go to the place you want at a decent price. 

  1. Or book late

On the flipside of this, you can also consider booking your honeymoon with a company such as This site is a goldmine for great deals and you will often be able to find some amazing holidays for over half the price you would normally spend. If you are brave enough to wait until the last minute to book your holiday you could end up with something truly amazing. 

  1. Plan as a couple

If you want to book the perfect honeymoon for you and your partner, you should book it together. Don’t do all of the planning yourself on behalf of your partner because you might not end up with their ideal holiday. Sit down together and take a look at where you want to spend your first holiday as a married couple. It will be exciting for you all to book your holiday together and it will bring that spark that comes with planning a romantic getaway.

  1. Do what you love

Just because most people stay in a swanky hotel for their honeymoon and have beach and spa days doesn’t mean you have to. When booking your perfect romantic holiday, you can just do what you love most. That might be a rainy camping trip in the Lake District, a sunny island getaway in Bora Bora, or a trip to the Northern Lights in Iceland. Don’t plan your honeymoon because you think that’s the ‘done’ thing, be yourself and you’ll have a much better time! 

  1. Go when it works for you

You don’t have to go on your honeymoon the day after the wedding or in the following week. Sometimes this won’t fit in with what you want and that’s fine! You can wait for a few months until you can spend more on the holiday or until the season is perfect in the part of the world you want to go to. 

Look Into The Top Romantic Destinations 

A honeymoon is a perfect opportunity to celebrate your love and make memories that will last a lifetime. So, if you are searching for the ideal destination to start your life together, why not look into the top romantic spot for your honeymoon? From the majestic European cities to the picturesque beaches of the Caribbean, there is a romantic destination to suit every couple.

For a honeymoon in paradise, consider the Caribbean. This region is home to some of the world’s most romantic islands, from the Bahamas to Barbados. However, if you’re looking for a honeymoon full of culture and history, why not consider Italy? This stunning country is home to some of the world’s most romantic cities, from the ancient city of Rome to the enchanting canals of Venice. 

Or you can hole up in London for a while. It’s a city full of history, and with its excellent links throughout Europe, you can hop on a train and be in Paris in mere hours. Use the st pancras luggage storage to store your belongings and ride away on another adventure.

Wrapping Up

No matter where you decide to go, make sure to have the most romantic honeymoon ever. With the right destination, you can make your special moment truly unforgettable.

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