Why A Road Trip Can Be The Perfect Honeymoon

A 2019 study of 27,000 couples found that 42% of all honeymoons lasted more than a week. However, according to The Knot, 30% of couples plan short trips instead of a traditional honeymoon. The typical honeymoon involves tons of champagne, candlelit dinners, and a long walk on the beach.

But in an era when experiential travel has gained so much popularity, many couples choose their own adventure. Rather than hopping on the plane, more and more newlyweds are taking road trip honeymoons. Hitting the road opens up endless possibilities of planning a dream honeymoon in terms of flexibility, freedom, and affordability. Here are more reasons a road trip can be the perfect honeymoon vacation.

Unlimited Adventure, Together

Road trips treat you to a host of scenic views and allow you to explore new places. You can even go trekking, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, or rock climbing whenever you make a stop at attraction sites. The key to enjoying a romantic and adventurous honeymoon road trip is picking a destination that suits both your interests and making flexible plans. Also, consider driving along backroads, leave room for unexpected stops and side trips.

Explore New Sense of Freedom and Comfort

Going on a road trip honeymoon means ultimate freedom to decide when you leave, how long you’ll be on the road, and what activities you engage in. Depending on what you want for your post-wedding travel, you may do some advanced planning for your honeymoon road trip or choose spontaneity. Self-driven honeymoons are also relaxing and comfortable as long as you choose a reliable car. Before starting your journey, take time to review automobile ratings shared by vehicle owners. This trick will help you pick a compact car, sedan, or SUV that offers maximum comfort and safety throughout your journey.

Uninterrupted Time As A Couple

One of the reasons you should choose a car trip for your honeymoon is privacy at all times. Unlike a scheduled tour, you will have plenty of one-on-one time to relive your special day, share childhood stories, listen to your favorite music, and make plans for the future. Spending cherishable time with your spouse at the beginning of your marriage is essential for strengthening your bond and creating lasting memories from the very start.

When planning for a honeymoon, most couples think of far-flung destinations only. However, you can have a romantic, adventurous, and relaxing honeymoon while road tripping. Road tripping gives you the freedom to do whatever you want as a couple, capture memorable moments, and spend unlimited time together.

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